Georgina Rickard: Firefighter mom found dead after mysteriously disappearing off remote bushwalking trail

Georgina Rickard: Firefighter mom found dead after mysteriously disappearing off remote bushwalking trail
Georgina Rickard was last seen wearing black and white tracksuit pants, a blue T-shirt, and a hat (Glenbrook Lapstone Rural Fire Brigade, NSW Police)

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA: Police believe that a woman who went missing six days ago after leaving her home to go on a bushwalk has died after a body was found near where she was last seen.

Georgina (Gina) Rickard, 58, was last seen at her Brook Road home in Glenbrook, in NSW's Blue Mountains, on Tuesday, August 30. NSW Police on Wednesday, August 31, issued an alert online about the NSW Rural Fire Service volunteer, saying her disappearance was extremely out of character and that her husband Brendan and their two children were concerned for her welfare. Authorities said she had gone bushwalking close to her home before going off the radar completely.


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Rickard was last seen wearing black and white tracksuit pants tucked into white socks, a blue T-shirt, a hat, and carrying a backpack. A body was located at Glenbrook around 3 pm on Sunday, September 4, after multiple inquiries and a wide-scale search by local police, SES, the Rural Fire Service, and volunteers. The body is yet to be formally identified, but police believe it is Rickard. The local community launched search efforts for Rickard after she was reported missing by her family. Several appeals for information were made by Glenbrook Lapstone Rural Fire Brigade, where she volunteered.


"If you saw or spoke to Gina Rickard (Smith) in the past two days, you have information that we need... a conversation, a possible sighting. Even if you think it's insignificant or some may have already reported the same event, it's crucial to report," the fire station posted on Facebook, "Please do not speculate on the events surrounding Gina's disappearance, those involved nor her reasons for entering the NP on Wednesday morning. Please be courteous and kind with your comments regarding this misadventure. You may not realize but Gina is an important member of our community and a very good friend to some in our brigade. We, as well as HER children, CAN see messages/comments left on shares of this post!" They added, "Gina has blond wavy hair, above shoulder height, and may have been wearing black exercise clothing. She regularly walks from her home in Brook Rd to Glenbrook village along Explorers Rd and frequents Con's Deli before entering the National Park for a bushwalk." A formal report will be prepared for the information of the Coroner as the body is formally identified.


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