'Perfect Life' Season 2 : 5 things you didn't know about Leticia Dolera

Leticia Dolera returns as Maria who is now a new and struggling mother

                            'Perfect Life' Season 2 : 5 things you didn't know about Leticia Dolera
Leticia Delora (leticiadoleraoficial/Instagram)

'Perfect Life' (Vida Perfecta) is all set to return with its second season and fans of the Spanish comedy can take advantage and binge the show on HBO Max. The series which explores the lives of three women in their thirties who face the troubles life throws at them is a very wholesome but real watch. Maria, Cristina, and Esther need to be stronger than ever while facing new challenges and adventures. 

Creator Leticia Dolera will be also be exploring the topic of post-partum depression, parenthood with disabilities, anxiety, and more in the new season. Ahead of the return of the show on  December 2, 2021, have a look at the cast of the HBO Max comedy-drama.


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Leticia Dolera as Maria

Leticia Dolera is a Spanish actress who started her career with the series 'Al salir de clase' (When Class Is Over). From there she has gone on to work on many projects such as 'The Other Side of the Bed ', 'Imagining Argentina', 'Prime Time', 'Imago Mortis', and more.

Her role in the third installment of the 'REC' series saw her receive critical praise. Taking on the mantle of director she wrote and directed the film 'Requirements To Be A Normal Person'. 

A feminist, she has also authored a book on feminism as well.

The actress stars in and has written as well as directed 'Perfect Life' (Vida Perfecta) which opened to good reviews. She will be helming the second season as well with her to return as the lead character Maria who will now be faced with motherhood. 

María, her character, uses Tinder, and men, to cover the feeling of emptiness that being alone gives her. 


Enric Auquer as Gari

Enric Auquer is a Spanish actor. He took an interest in acting in 2008 after his mother encouraged him. This led him to join a drama school in Barcelona. The actor who suffers from ADHD has even shared that acting healed him in a way after he felt like it was something he was actually good at. His first role came in the form of Alex in the 2009 movie 'Dieta mediterránea' (Mediterranean food). His other works include 'Los Inocentes', 'Kubala, Moreno y Manchón' ,'Cites' and more. His work in theatres landed him a role in the tv series 'Com si fos ahir' and a his first major role in the film 'Eye for an Eye'.

Auquer plays one of the leads Gari, a young man with an intellectual disability in 'Perfect Life' (Vida Perfecta). This role landed him a Best Main Actor in a TV Series award at the VIII Premios Feroz. The first season saw his character get Maria pregnant with the second season to explore his new duty as a father.


Other cast members

The rest of the cast includes Aixa Villagrán as Esther, Celia Freijeiro as Christina, Font García as Pablo, Manuel Burque as  Xosé, Cocó Salvador as Paula, Víctor Fontela as Richi and more.

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