People's Choice Awards 2019: Shadowhunters wins best sci-fi show, fans trend #saveshadowhunters in bid for return

Sci-fi show 'Shadowhunters' bagged the award for Best Sci-Fi show at People's Choice's Awards 2019.

                            People's Choice Awards 2019:  Shadowhunters wins best sci-fi show, fans trend #saveshadowhunters in bid for return

Fans were broken-hearted when the popular sci-fi show 'Shadowhunters' ended earlier this year, after three seasons. Much to their excitement, the show has been nominated at the People's Choice Awards 2019, under the category of 'Sci-Fi Show of 2019. The other nominations were 'Stranger Things', 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina', 'Supernatural, 'The Flash', 'The Umbrella Academy', 'Arrow', and 'The 100'. Much to their joy, Shadowhunters won the award for Best Sci-Fi show. Even if the show doesn't return, fans have this as respite.

Fans were overjoyed. One wrote, "We did it! #SaveShadowhunters." Another wrote, "I’m so psyched that @ShadowhuntersTV won the PCA, BUT @peopleschoice had the AUDACITY to not formally present that award to us. I understand only Kat, Dom, and Luke were there, but I wished they got presented the award on stage." One tweeted, "A cancelled show that keeps winning awards, now I think we deserve a season 4."

As the show lost the award last year, one fan wrote, "I so hope #Shadowhunters is snatching the award we missed last year."

 #SaveShadowHunters had been trending on Twitter, and fans had been tweeting furiously under this hashtag, hoping that the show would be renewed for a fourth season. They sent effusive love to the cast and crew of the show. 

One fan tweeted, "We love our cast so much! Sending love and hugs from the Shadowfam! #Saveshadowhunters."  Another wrote, "Always and forever. #SaveShadowHunters."

One fan tweeted, "So many tweets saying "They will never be together again!" Umm...they are together at conventions all the time. They are #Shadowfam, they always will be. It's just an awards show, the world isn't ending."

Others loved how the Shadow Hunter family was present in full style at the award show. One wrote, "AAAAAAAHHHHH. We love a supporting family #Shadowhunters #SaveShadowhunters."

At the Red Carpet, Kat McNamara had said,""The crew, the cast, the writers and the fandom have become a family. We call each other ShadowFAM because it really is and it always will be." 

A fan quoted this line and wrote, "The word from you make me cry  Love u so much, my biscuit."

Shadowhunters is based on the popular book series 'The Mortal Instruments' written by Cassandra Clare. 

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