'Peacemaker' Episode 8: Will Emilia Harcourt die in James Gunn's show's finale?

'Peacemaker' Episode 8: Will Emilia Harcourt die in James Gunn's show's finale?
Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt (HBO Max)

And just when you thought 'The Suicide Squad' had quite the violence. Following the success of the movie, James Gunn decided to foray deeper into the DCEU with 'Peacemaker' and has probably given the world a look at the clumsy, horny, powerful, and a horse with blinders- kinda anti-hero with John Cena and an impressive cast. And with the finale looming large, the most obvious question is who dies next.

At this point, there are lots of candidates. While Vigilante and Emilia Harcourt are dubbed to be the ones to be killed off, chances are that every other member of the team coud die trying to stop the alien invasion. We explain why Harcourt might be the one to die.


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With Murn shot to death after being riddled with bullets, Harcourt becomes the team's leader and is determined to be the one to lead Project Butterfly. However, one of the popular theories doing the rounds is her imminent death at the hands of the butterflies. Despite her top-notch fighting skills, Harcourt just might be the one to kick the bucket. 

Over the last couple of episodes, Harcourt's tough nut persona generally transforms into a rather soft one. For someone who spends time away from the team, especially Peacemaker, she does develop a sort of understanding with him and the team. Her death would also be a redemption arc of sorts for the character who believed in what she was fighting for.

The plot of Episode 8, other than the known fact that there will be a man vs alien showdown, is kept under wraps. Per CBR, Gunn "wouldn't let them (HBO Max) put out eight to avoid potential spoilers. "They wanted to put out all eight. I said, 'No way. No chance in hell are we putting out all eight.' There's just too many things [that] happen in episode eight that I just could not let it get out there. It would absolutely be spoiled. You know, I wouldn't even let them give it to one place or anything like that because it just wasn't... I didn't want it to be out there."

'Peacemaker' drops the final episode on February 17 on HBO Max

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