Johnny Depp fans hail Paul McCartney's 'friendship' after singer puts actor up on GIANT SCREEN

McCartney, while on the 'Got Back' tour, performed ‘My Valentine’ while a video played of Depp playing the guitar and reciting the lyrics in sign language

                            Johnny Depp fans hail Paul McCartney's 'friendship' after singer puts actor up on GIANT SCREEN
Paul McCartney's Friday night LA show featured Johnny Depp's videos in the background (Twitter and Instagram/ @madisonbeer)

Sir James Paul McCartney appears to have shown his solidarity with his longtime friend Johnny Depp, amid his on-going defamation trial at a Virginia court. The singer-songwriter played a video of the 58-year-old actor while performing live at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California on Friday, May 13. Paul McCartney, who is currently on his ‘Got Back' tour, did not forget Depp even as he performed in front of his fans.

McCartney reportedly had also expressed his support towards the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ star during his recent concert in Seattle. A clip of the May 3 event was posted on Instagram by philanthropist and former model Jill Vedder that showed the 79-year-old performing his song ‘My Valentine’ while a video of Depp playing the guitar and reciting the song’s lyrics in sign language played in the  background.


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Vedder captioned the video as “Might be controversial to post this video with JD. Don’t care. Know him only to be a gentleman... And while I support women and the ‘me too’ movement I also know some women who have destroyed the lives of innocent & good men... @johnnydepp … PS verbal abuse is not cool either.. watch your tongue.”


McCartney, who rocked a double-breasted navy jacket with a white shirt, and pair of dark grey trousers, pulled off the Johnny Depp video routine during his Los Angeles show as well. Videos shared on Twitter showed him singing into his microphone in front of an animated display of Depp. His gesture attracted a lot of mixed reactions from people with a user saying, “Paul McCartney was also accused of DV by his ex wife. He was able to prove his innocence and that she was lying about it.” Another user tweeted: “There seems to be more talk about Johnny Depp tonight than the other ‘Johnny’, I mean Paul’s ‘Johnny’ but that’s okay. I think Paul feels a sort of kinship with Johnny Depp, seeing as how they both went through the same thing. Love you Paul.❤️ ."




A person shared: “I love that song! Paul McCartney is a true friend! He did it here in Seattle last week too. Huge screen you could see it outside the arena!💜💜💜.” The second person wrote: “Omg this is the best I love it so much 🥺❤️ I love how everyone is just showing their outpouring love for Johnny Depp!!” “And that turd pretended to have learned sign language for working with deaf children. I am sure she took that idea from that video. She is so fake and he is so precious,” the third one referring to Heard noted and the fourth one added: “Paul McCartney playing a video of #JohnnyDepp strumming his guitar on a huge screen at his recent concert... Pure class! #JusticeForJohnnyDepp.”




However, there were a few who did not seem happy with McCartney’s gesture towards Depp. A user questioned: “Supports Johnny Depp. I  believed him regarding the business of his ex wife.  Now I doubt that. How can you support a man that has so much evidence against him? And so publicly too? What does that say about him?” A tweet read: “I’m so glad I didn’t buy a ti jet because you supporting Johnny Depp LIVE during your set is 🤮.” “Every1 knew Amber was a lying harpee FROM DAY 1! Yet it took over 6 years for them to have principles & do these things when it was true but against the flow. Paul McCartney didn't do this for Johnny Depp. He did this as a selfish act now that it's advantageous to say the truth,” a tweet claimed.




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