How are Mary McCartney and Sir Paul McCartney related? The photographer found her worth despite the last name

The reality TV host is ready to cook up a storm. The question is — will we get an episode with the legendary musician too?

                            How are Mary McCartney and Sir Paul McCartney related? The photographer found her worth despite the last name
Mary McCartney and Paul McCartney attend a special screening of My Generation at BFI Southbank on March 14, 2018, in London, England. (Getty Images)

If you're on the lookout to sink your teeth into a new cooking show, then get ready for 'Mary McCartney Serves it Up'. The series follows famed photographer Mary McCartney as she, along with her friends, Kate Hudson, Gave Grohl, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richi, among others, show us how to cook some delicious meals that are big on taste without all the added fuss of putting them together. 

As per Discovery website, "Mary will be joined by her famous friends, at home and over video conference, to celebrate food and friendship with transatlantic cook-alongs, taste-tests, cocktail classes and fun food Q&As. From easy dinners to comforting eats, moreish modern meals, and scrumptious desserts, Mary serves up incredible eats proving every day and special occasions can be vege-licious."

Life of a photographer

As a celebrated photographer, McCartney has had an interesting career. She is a photographer, director, food writer, TV presenter and is also the Global Meat Free Ambassador. She has also written two vegetarian cookbooks, endorsing a meat-free, sustainable lifestyle.

Concerning her photography, she has made quite the name for herself, seeing that she was selected by Tony and Cherie Blair to take the first portrait of them with baby Leo in 2000. In 2015, she was selected to take the official photograph of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to mark the occasion of her becoming the longest-reigning British monarch in history.

Her website reads: "An ongoing fascination for McCartney is capturing the pre and post performance of actors, dancers and musicians which she has explored in a number studies such as Off Pointe and Geisha."

The McCartney connection

Mary and Stella McCartney with father Sir Paul McCartney attend the Meat Free Monday launch held at Inn the Park, St James' Park, on June 15, 2009, in London, England (Getty Images)


But making a name for herself on her own has not been easy, especially with her last name. In case you were wondering, she is, in fact, related to the legendary Sir Paul McCartney himself.

Mary is McCartney's second-oldest daughter (out of four children) with his late wife Linda Eastman. We can only imagine that growing with Paul McCartney as your father could not have been easy, especially for Mary who prides herself on being a creative individual herself. 

It's one of the primary reasons she didn't inform her family, even her father about the second wedding. She didn't want to become 'a Macca thing', as was reported by the Daily Mail.

Interestingly enough, her passion for photography comes from her mother, Linda Eastman, who was a photographer herself. She encouraged her daughter to pursue the art form. In a conversation with Globe and Mail, McCartney spoke about how her mother's style encouraged her to find her own.

"I think that in her photographic style she would take pictures that looked really easy to take and really simple. She didn't do a lot of big lights and fancy stuff around it. But she would get very intimate, relaxed photographs. She could get her subjects to really, really relax in front of her, and she used a lot of available light situations," Mary said about her mother's work. 

With cookbooks, numerous exhibitions, and shows under her name, McCartney is now set to foray into the world of food-based reality TV with her new show. And if her track record is anything to go by, it promises to be all sorts of deliciousness.

Watch Mary McCartney whip up a storm on 'Mary McCartney Serves it Up' only on Discovery+.

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