Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill hits back at Melania Trump with a message on her jacket at Pearl Jam show

Jill Vedder sported a jacket that read "Yes We All Care. Y Don't U?" during Pearl Jam's recent show in Milan.

                            Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill hits back at Melania Trump with a message on her jacket at Pearl Jam show
Jill Vedder (Source : Getty Images)

Earlier this week, First Lady of the United States Melania Trump stirred controversy when she wore a jacket that read, “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?”, while visiting children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border. A representative for the first lady later said it was “just a jacket” with “no hidden message”. Meanwhile, Donald Trump claimed it was a response to the “fake news media.”

"Hidden message", no message or message in plain sight - whatever the case may be, it looks opponents of Trump and his no-tolerance immigration policy have begun to repurpose the jacket in a form of protest. One of the protests came from Jill Vedder, wife of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. In response to Melania Trump, Jill wore her very own custom jacket to Pearl Jam's gig in Milan on Friday night (June 22).  The jacket bore one simple line in big, bold, white font: “Yes We All Care. Y Don’t U?”.

The Vedders also took a moment during the concert to celebrate their wedding anniversary, giving the crowd a rare 'aww' moment at an otherwise highly-charged Pearl Jam concert. As CoS points out, Eddie told the crowd that he first met his wife in Milan before inviting her on stage to share a bottle of champagne.

Over the course of Pearl Jam’s ongoing European tour, Vedder has made several political statements, often directed straight at Donald Trump. During the band’s show in London this week, Vedder dedicated a performance of “Love Boat Captain” to Trump.

“I would like him to hear it but he doesn’t listen to music or read books. Could someone tweet this to him or something? For mom’s and dad’s and children being separated at the border. That isn’t the country I remember,” Vedder remarked during the rendition. However, after remembering that Trump has no redeemable qualities, Vedder became agitated. “Fuck you!” he repeatedly yelled while encouraging guitarist Mike McCready to get louder.