Who is Patrick Mullen? 'Too Hot To Handle' star whom fans call Maui from 'Moana'

Who is Patrick Mullen? 'Too Hot To Handle' star whom fans call Maui from 'Moana'
Patrick Mullen (Instagram/Patrick Mullen)

Destination dating reality shows are quite simple, right? The drill is easy. A handful of sex-driven, conventionally good-looking singletons from different parts of the world are brought to an undisclosed location (usually a tropical one) and what happens when they are left to themselves is the crux of the show. Normally, most participants, if not all, tend to focus more on physical aspects of relationships than emotional ones. This is where 'Too Hot To Handle' differs. It's almost the same but there's a twist. To win the grand prize, the participants have to give up all sexual activities. Patrick Mullen is one of the hot singles who have to keep their hands to themselves if they want to hit jackpot. 

If the gist of dating shows isn't enough for you, you could catch up on shows like 'FBOY Island,' 'Love Island,' and 'Bachelor in Paradise' before Netflix drops a new season of 'Too Hot To Handle.' The idea of the show is to practice celibacy while forming meaningful relationships. 


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Who is Patrick Muller?

Patrick's Hawaiian roots are making fans compare him to Maui from 'Moana' and we have to add that his heritage makes him the real Island Boy. The hunk hails from Honolulu and flexes his good looks by being a model and an actor. But the 29-year-old isn't just your usual "pretty boy" type, he also holds a degree in botany and "believes every flower is unique just like every lady." There's no end to what the Hawaiian can do to make the ladies go gaga over him. He has "a big passion for music" and can play not one but four different instruments.


Patrick's 6'5 and varsitied for five different sports during high school. He loves jumping off cliffs and wants the ladies to know that he can take you "swimming with the dolphins." To top it off, he knows how to party and that's not all. The real Island Boy has a reputation for throwing massive parties and claims to have been paid to do so too. After reading his profile, one can't help but wait eagerly to see what Patrick has in store for us.


'Too Hot To Handle' has had two successful seasons so far. The show was created by Laura Gibson and developed by Charlie Benett. It drops on Netflix on January 19, 2022.

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