'Could’ve broken his own hip': Fans puzzled as ‘Wheel of Fortune' host Pat Sajak tackles contestant in awkward encounter

'Could’ve broken his own hip': Fans puzzled as ‘Wheel of Fortune' host Pat Sajak tackles contestant in awkward encounter
Pat Sajak playfully choked a contestant named Fred Jackson (L) after he played an excellent game (Wheel of Fortune)

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA: Pat Sajak, the longtime host of 'Wheel of Fortune', stunned fans with a strange gesture toward a contestant. In an unusual incident on Tuesday, March 21, the host playfully choked a contestant called Fred Jackson after he played an excellent game.

Jackson demonstrated his versatility to the 76-year-old host as a professional wrestler, drama instructor, and host of bar trivia, among other things. The 'Wheel of Fortune' winner on the Hawaii-themed show also said he wrestles "for fun". The brilliant player earns an extra $40,000 in a clip from the game show's Instagram by deciphering the phrase, "His mind is wandering," bringing his total to $75,800. 


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What really happened on the show?



Fred Jackson, who describes himself as a professional wrestler, bar trivia host, and drama teacher, showed that he is a man of many skills. He pulled off a flawless performance, answering all of the show's riddles, and taking home $75,800 after the extra round. On their official YouTube account, 'Wheel of Fortune' displayed the players' victorious puzzle wins for the night during their Hawaiian-themed show.

What did host Pat Sajak do?

After Fred's victories, Sajak made some snide remarks, labeling him a "brute". "Just because he’s a professional wrestler… you want me to body slam him for you?" the show host questioned the other players. The players replied with a "yes" to Sajak’s query. When Fred reached the bonus round, he correctly identified the puzzle for the "Phrase" group after three tries.


Vanna White, the puzzle's co-host, unveiled the letters, "His mind is wandering." Jackson looked emotional following his significant 'Wheel of Fortune' win after the television personality revealed that he had won the bonus round with $75,800. He joyfully stretched his muscles before giving his father a bear hug. In a state of astonishment and a loud exhalation, Jackson covered his head with his hands as he soaked in his victory.

Unexpectedly Sajak approached the player and tackled Jackson. The host tried to bend his arm behind his back but instead grabbed his forehead with the other arm, sort of like a headlock.


'One slip and Sajak could’ve broken his own hip'

The bizarre interaction between the game show triumphant and Sajak drew immediate reactions from the audience. A user said on Twitter, "CROSSFACE CHICKEN-WING!!!!" Another user wrote, "It’s a great staged joke!" "Poor Fred," mentioned one user.






On Instagram, a user commented, "His hand is wandering lol." Another said, "What was with Pat at the end? 😂." "And Pat never mentioned to him about WWE Week which is all next week," wrote another user.

Another mentioned, "One slip and Sajak could’ve broken his own hip." "He gave him the cross-face chicken wing!" remarked one user. "Don't fall Pat," penned another fan. One wrote, "Not only another Perfect Game, but another showdown with Pat vs. another contestant!"


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