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Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson dubbed ‘Nazi sympathizer’ for slogan tee DENYING racism exists

The conservative radio host Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson was slammed online after rapper AWKWORD noticed his choice of clothing during a podcast
UPDATED JAN 29, 2022
A screenshot showing Jesse Lee Peterson (L) interview the rapper AWKWORD (@AWKWORDrap/Twitter)
A screenshot showing Jesse Lee Peterson (L) interview the rapper AWKWORD (@AWKWORDrap/Twitter)

Pastor and conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson is facing the ire of the internet after sporting a rather controversial t-shirt during an episode of his podcast. Peterson, who hosts the 'Fallen State TV' shows on YouTube was interviewing rapper AWKWORD. The rapper noticed his controversial choice of clothing and took to Twitter on Friday, January 28, to call Peterson out as a "Nazi sympathizer". His tweet led to an immediate backlash against Peterson, with many slamming the host.

While Peterson hasn't been "canceled" yet, he joins a long list of conservative media personalities being attacked online. Right now, Spotify is facing a major storm for keeping Joe Rogan on its platform, a decision that has led to musicians Joni Mitchell and Niel Young boycotting the streaming service. In late January, Dan Bongino was booted from YouTube over his conspiracy theories, leaving Rogan as one of the few who still have access to a mainstream service. 


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YouTube hasn't so far taken down Peterson's show and is unlikely to do so given that he hasn't been spreading conspiracy theories or bogus claims about Covid-19. His show 'Fallen State TV' focuses more on debates with individuals who disagree with him, a grey area that YouTube hasn't yet ruled on.

Peterson's controversial tee

New York-based rapper and political activist AWKWORD went on 'Free State TV' a while ago. It appears as if his episode hasn't aired yet, because he walked out of the interview with Peterson after getting into a row with him over the host's choice of clothing. In a clip shared by the rapper on Twitter, Peterson can be seen wearing a t-shirt with the text "No such thing as racism" and a link to his website.

The clip begins with Peterson asking AWKWORD about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and as the two argue he says, "I'm just trying to learn." He also asks AWKWORD if he supports White supremacy, which the rapper strongly denies before saying "this interview is over." In the clip, AWKWORD doesn't address Peterson's shirt, but tweets, "A couple weeks ago, I went on Jesse Lee Peterson's show. He's an older Black guy. Turns out, he's also a Nazi sympathizer. (Look at his T-shirt!) I stuck in there as long as I could, and then did what I had to."


That led to reactions such as "Dude... I can't even," and "Wow. This is one of the wildest things I’ve witnessed. Is that guy for real? I mean he was “just trying to learn” why did you leave?" One person replied, "That shirt was your first sign to run." Another commented, "I’ve never heard of Jesse Lee Peterson but he reminds us that idiots exist in all races."





This isn't the first time Peterson has been linked to racism. Reportedly, he once thanked God for slavery, and another time said most Black people "lack moral character." In a 2003 book, he also wrote, "Blacks see racism everywhere they look, even though by most accounts there is really very little racism left among whites... The sad truth is that black racism is far more pervasive today than is white racism." 

Despite a long history of associating with the alt-right and extremism, Peterson continues to be an immensely popular figure for the right. Fox News' Sean Hannity praised the pastor as "the most courageous, outspoken critic of the liberal left and the so-called 'black leadership' in America today."