Nevada parent blasted for sending Covid positive child to school: 'Criminal negligence'

At least 80 students at the Marce Herz Middle School in Reno, Nevada, were exposed to the disease on the very first day of school

                            Nevada parent blasted for sending Covid positive child to school: 'Criminal negligence'
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In a recent case from Reno, Nevada, a parent sent their child to school despite knowing the child was Covid positive. This act has since been dubbed 'criminal negligence' and 'irresponsible' on social media, after it was reported that at least 80 students at the Marce Herz Middle School were exposed to the disease on the very first day of school.

The Washoe County Health District made the announcement on Wednesday, August 11, revealing that the child's parent has also tested positive for the virus. The parent has also since then refused all contact with the school district and health officials. While it's unclear how many students had to quarantine on the very second day of the school year, the ones who have been notified aren't allowed to return to school until August 20 if they haven't been fully vaccinated


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Herz Principal Brandon Bringhurst had also released a statement on Tuesday, August 10, intimating parents and students that: "Out of an abundance of caution and due to possible exposure to Covid-19, your student must be in quarantine at home, per Washoe County Health District guidelines." The southwest Reno school had opened last year in August under pandemic conditions: middle and high schools rotating students in the buildings on alternate days to accommodate strict social distancing guidelines in its premises.

Built to accommodate its strength of 1400 students in grades six to eight, the school had finally opened to all its students on Monday, August 10. Washoe County Health District said in its statement: "We are asking everyone, especially parents with children in Washoe County schools, to please cooperate with disease investigators regarding positive Covid-19 cases. It’s imperative that we collect information from positive cases in order to reduce transmission in the community."

Speaking about how the parent refused to communicate with the staff, the district revealed, "This led to a presumably infectious child attending school two days after being notified of a positive Covid-19 test result. The parent, who also tested positive for Covid-19, also refused to communicate with the school." This added to the online flak against the reckless parent, who is yet to be identified in media reports about the incident.

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Commenting on the lax parenting, one user wrote: "Mother refused to cooperate with school or health officials, this is what we sending our kids back to, irresponsible others that are going to infect our kids without a second thought". Another claimed: "Such irresponsible parents, putting their lives and the lives of hundreds of students and school staff in danger." One even suggested: "Until people start being held financially accountable for their disregard of policies put in place to deter virus transmission, they will keep doing it. Parent should be forced to pay for all 80 covid tests. Start there."

Many seemed to be of the opinion that this act should be legally charged. One user wrote: "If another person dies as a result of this: Negligent Homicide/Criminal Negligence/Manslaughter." Another dubbed the parent's actions "Reckless endangerment," saying: "Charge the parents."

This user wasn't alone as several others chimed in, saying: "That parent need to be criminally charged. This is ridiculous." Another wrote: "Prison time for this parent." Some even urged, "There has to be a law against this somewhere."