Gerard Pique's parents finally break their silence about ex-FC Barcelona legend's split from Shakira

Gerard Pique's parents finally break their silence about ex-FC Barcelona legend's split from Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira's divorce seems to be getting nowhere with both parties unable to agree on the terms of separation (Getty Images)

BARCELONA, SPAIN: Months after their split, Shakira and Gerard Pique have continued to make headlines. With the FC Barcelona legend having announced his retirement and played his last game at Camp Nou, the attention is once again on his future plans, and this time, it is his parents who have spoken about their son's split with Shakira, who was his partner of 12 years. 

As per Marca, the Barcelona legend's parents, Joan Pique and Montserrat Bernabeu said, "He is leaving Barça now because he doesn't want to leave through the back door. He needs to be calm to solve his problems with Shakira." They felt their son needed peace and should sort out the matter with the Colombian singer. 


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Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona and Shakira pose with the trophy after FC Barcelona won the Copa del Rey Final match against Athletic Club at Camp Nou on May 30, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.
Gerard Pique and Shakira are separating after 12 years together (David Ramos/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Pique is currently dating model Clara Chia Marti soon after his breakup with Shakira. According to reports, the former couple do not want to go to court and wish to sort out their matters amicably. With a relationship spanning nearly 12 years, the duo have a lot to sort through, from the distribution of assets they accumulated since the start of their relationship to the custody of their children. Speculations about who gets what will not end anytime soon. 

However, the question of their children's custody may not be so easily solved. Pique reportedly wants both the children to stay in Barcelona, while Shakira wants to take them with her to Miami. Since the high-profile former couple were intent on reaching an agreement outside courts, their lawyers were in constant communication with each other to work through the issues. If all else fails, the duo may find themselves slugging it out in court over the custody of their sons, Milan and Sasha. Both seem intent to hold their ground. While Shakira intends on leaving Barcelona and resettling in the US, Pique was against that as the two children have spent all their lives in the city. 

The former couple announced their separation in a joint statement earlier this year, with infidelity on the footballer's part emerging as a possible reason. Soon after their official breakup, the Barcelona star went on to date 23-year-old Marti.

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