'OutDaughtered' Season 6: Fans slam the Busbys for filming Parker's therapy session for anxiety

OutDaughtered's latest episode saw Parker going to a new therapist to treat her anxiety but it seems to have the opposite effect with the parents filming the whole session

                            'OutDaughtered' Season 6: Fans slam the Busbys for filming Parker's therapy session for anxiety

Adam and Danielle Busby have always been vocal about their daughter, Parker's struggle with anxiety and the latest season of 'OutDaughtered' shows the pair seeking another therapist in order to understand how they can manage Parker's anxiety.

The couple decides to take Parker to an occupational therapist with the hope of understanding Parker better. "I am glad we are taking this step," Adam says. "I am just hoping we come away from it with a better understanding of how we can help her."

However, when Parker arrives to meet her new therapist, she does not seem thrilled and Danielle notes that it is because she does not like to be put in the center.

"Parker hates new things and she hates being in the spotlight and here we are dropping her in a situation which is all about her," she says. 

Danielle noted that Parker does not like to be in the spotlight (Twitter)

Danielle adds, "It kinda feels backward." Throughout the session, Parker looked at her parents and decided to be tight-lipped.

Fans,  too, were not happy with how the Busbys decided to document their daughter's session knowing full well that she is not too fond of being in the spotlight. 

"I think maybe the fact that the child suffers from anxiety should show the parents that they shouldn't be subjecting her to cameras and things like that," one fan noted.

The fan shared, "I do not like photographs to be taken of me. I do not like people to record me or to be the center of attention. If I had grown up with these parents I would have gone crazy."

"They seem to love her and they really do and they seem to be trying to do the best for her but to be the best thing for this child would be to turn off the cameras," the user added.

Fans slam Adam and Danielle Busby for filming Parker's therapy session (Twitter)


Others echoed similar thoughts, "This kid has anxiety. Why are they shoving cameras in her face while she gets her diagnosis."

Another chimed in, "I don't really see where that helped. They also shouldn’t be talking about this in front of her. Maybe the cameras are just too much on your children and it's affecting their childhood."

Meanwhile, others suggested better ways in which the Busbys could help Parker deal with her anxiety. "My friend's child always behaved like her, so my friend makes her play wrestling. She is a very good player and to play it connects to reduce her stress," noted a fan.

Another shared, "My little sister, when she was younger, always struggled with anxiety, like parker, but my parents took her to therapy, etc. and it helped her a lot"

The user added, "Now she's 16 and you would never know she was like that when she was younger. Therapy and a support system is the key to helping her." 

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