Outdaughtered's Adam Busby reveals how a simple act by his daughter helped him understand the struggles of people battling with depression

Adam Busby took to Instagram to share how his four0year-old daughter encouraged him to see the world in a different manner and care about those who would otherwise be ignored.

                            Outdaughtered's Adam Busby reveals how a simple act by his daughter helped him understand the struggles of people battling with depression
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Adam Busby is finally home after taking a week-long vacation with his lovely wife, Danielle. However, the reality star claims that despite the week being filled with ups and downs, he was feeling fortunate to be surrounded by his lovely friends and family. However, the most important lesson that Adam learned in the past week stemmed from his four-year-old daughter, Riley. The 'Outdaughtered' star took to Instagram to note how his daughter, through a little gesture, made him realize how often people who are battling with depression are left unnoticed. 


"I had one of those epiphany moments taught by my 4-year-old Riley today. I was playing with the girls in the yard and was entrusted by her to hold onto her “beautiful yellow leaves” that she found on the ground," he wrote.  Adam noted how he and his daughter saw things differently as he would have probably walked by the leaf without noticing it, unlike Riley, who decided to cherish the leaf. 

"I would have passed by those leaves that were sitting there in a sea of others and never given them a second thought or glance," he said. "She sought them out, claimed them as hers and called them beautiful. She paced them in my hand and told me to keep them safe."


It is at that moment Busby realized how often people who have been struggling internally go unnoticed by others. "There are people that we know, people that we pass by in the isles at church or in the lines at the grocery store that are struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and are scared to speak up," he noted. 

He then encouraged his fans to seek help if they were going through their own battles. "You are beautiful and you are loved, no matter what your head fools you into thinking. Reach out to a loved one and don’t be afraid to talk," he wrote.  Busby further noted that depression isn't something that can be controlled with logic and it was necessary for people to seek help. 

"If this is something that you do not struggle with, PLEASE CHECK ON YOUR FRIENDS. Depression is an invisible disease of the brain that you can't comprehend until you struggle with it yourself. You can’t control it with logic, so stop the ignorant comments. It only adds to the stigma and only makes people not want to seek help. Hope is the key," he concluded. 

Fans were quick to applaud the reality star for promoting mental health. "For so many, it is hard to reach out -- because of pride, because of fear of being judged, and because of the stigma. That is why it is so important for others to REACH IN with love, and support, and to let someone know that they are not alone," wrote one user, while another added, "This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing." 

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