Outdaughtered's Danielle Busby shares a picture of her quints and calls them a 'work of God'

Danielle Busby is proud and happy to have her quints next to her and in a recent Instagram picture, the reality star acknowledged how precious they are.

                            Outdaughtered's Danielle Busby shares a picture of her quints and calls them a 'work of God'

Outdaughtered's Danielle Busby recently took to Instagram to share a sweet picture of her quints. The mother-of-six noted how her husband, Adam Busby, and older daughter, Blayke stayed at home as the eight-year-old was not keeping well. However, this allowed Busby to spend some time with the quints and the reality star was enjoying every moment of their time together. Capturing the moment, Busby shared the picture of quints beaming with joy in their matching outfits. 

"dam stayed home with Blayke this morning because she didn’t feel good, so it was just Me & Quints at church today", she noted. Busby noted that looking at her quints made her believe in the magic of God. "Every time I see a picture of the quints, I am STILL AMAZED at the powerful works of God. I am reminded that as long as my main focus is 👉🏻God first👈🏻 then ALL THINGS WILL WORK OUT," she continued. 

She further added that her daughters remind her every day about how miracles of God works. "What do you see when you look at this picture? Prob just a new cute pic of quints... But what I SEE... I see the works of God!" she noted. 

The reality star also confessed that her daughters' birth had changed her as a person. "I see how much God has changed ME, how He has changed my LIFE, my STORY, my PURPOSE... and ALL FOR GOOD!" she wrote. 

Busby continued, "And when I thought my faith could not grow bigger, it did! And it still continues to grow. I am reminded daily that ⭐️my Faith⭐️ is the most important. And this picture (amongst many) gives me proof that God is BIGGER than I could ever imagine and He loves me more than I could ever imagine." 

Fans were quick to comment on the adorable picture of the quints. "They are so beautiful... I love them," one fan noted. Another added, "They are so cute. A gift from God!" Busby had all her children through intrauterine insemination. Even though the quints were born prematurely, at 28 weeks, they made a healthy recovery and were home soon. 

The pair has often shared pictures to spread awareness about NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit). The pair also supported Quint NICU giveback project and released shirts to generate money that was later donated towards the cause. 

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