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Oscar Nominations 2022: #OscarsSoWhite trends after white actors dominate Best Actress category

Social media has stared trending #OscarsSoWhite again after Best Actress category was dominated by white female actors
Jessica Chastain in 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' and Nicole Kidman in 'Being The Ricardos' (Amazon Prime/Searchlight Pictures)
Jessica Chastain in 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' and Nicole Kidman in 'Being The Ricardos' (Amazon Prime/Searchlight Pictures)

In 2015, the Academy took the liberty of awarding all the 20 acting nominations to white actors. Meanwhile, in 2016, the Oscars stunned everyone by doing the same thing. A certain section of society believed that enough was enough and started trending #OscarsSoWhite hashtag on social media. Even after facing a lot of backlash, the Academy has done something similar in the acting categories and four of the female actors in the Best Actress category are “white”.

The actresses nominated for the accolade are Kristen Stewart (‘Spencer’), Jessica Chastain (‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’), Nicole Kidman (‘Being the Ricardos’), Olivia Colman (‘The Lost Daughter’) and Penelope Cruz (‘Parallel Mothers’). Although fans were really happy with Stewart and Colman’s nominations, but they also didn’t shy away from saying that the Oscars have gone totally “white” once again.


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Oscar Nominations 2022: Kristen Stewart gets Best Actress nod, fans say she 'got her due'

A lot of people on social media were really frustrated with the nominations and thought that the Academy hasn’t learnt anything even after what happened with the Golden Globes, earlier this year. Fans also believed that Ruth Negga and Jennifer Hudson deserved to be nominees this year for their stupendous performances in ‘Passing’ and ‘Respect’.

Ruth Negga as Clare in 'Passing' (Netflix)

One of the fans wrote, “The academy is atrocious. Nomination for Nicole Kidman in the most flat acting performance I’ve ever seen…meanwhile Jennifer Hudson sang her absolutely heart out in Respect and didn’t get shit.” Another social media user said, “Exactly #OscarsSoWhite as usual not surprise but disappointed. But I'm glad Jennifer knows her worth and don't need an award to validate her. She's a winner regardless.”



Meanwhile, another user said, “White Supremacy is so real because no way Kristen Stewart’s performance was oscar worthy.” Another social media user wrote, “So tired of Hollywood's obsession with Kidman and Chastain. They're fine actresses but they aren't exceptional. There were much more impressive performances that the Academy is ignoring. #OscarsSoWhite”



“Hell No! They snubbed all the black actresses. No Tessa Thompson,No Ruth Negas, No Jennifer Hudson!” said another user. “Wow. It’s 2022. It’s Black History Month. And once again the @TheAcademy is so white. Not a POC nominee in sight (looking @ you, Best Actress cat.).”




Another social media user wrote, “#OscarsSoWhite has been a huge movement on twitter for 8 years now and they STILL pull this shit.” Another user said, “I hate to say it but the best actres race is boring… really lacking diversity (both racial and perfomance wise) when Jennifer Hudson, Rachel Zegler, Lady Gaga, Tessa Thompson & Alana Haim were there. #OscarsSoWhite.”


Last time, when the #OscarsSoWhite controversy happened, the Academy went on and gave the hosting responsibilities to Chris Rock. Will they go out and call a Black actor to host the ceremony this time around? Let’s see, what happens. But, the truth is that Ruth Negga’s performance in ‘Passing’ has been overlooked really badly and we really don’t know what she would have to do to garner a nod.