Oscars 2020: Academy Awards slammed for being biased against women, people of color: 'Very white, very male'

Despite nominations across various communities, social media fans think that the biggest night of Hollywood honours white skin and the male gender, much more than talent

                            Oscars 2020: Academy Awards slammed for being biased against women, people of color: 'Very white, very male'
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The biggest night of Hollywood is not just big in its length and breadth of visual delight and performance, but also how people respond and react to this magnanimous event from all around the world. The Academy Awards mark its 92nd year in 2020. It will nearly be a decade that the biggest entertainment industry of the world would have honored actors, writers, directors, musicians, and the most creative people from all walks of life.

And at the same time, fans and audiences feel, the most significant event of Hollywood is strongly biased. 

While opening the show, hosts Steve Martin and Chris Rock brought this up in a humorous and satirical manner, Steve Martin said, "Think how much the Oscars have changed in the past 92 years...back in 1929, there were no black acting nominees." Chris Rock responds saying, "And now in 2020, we got one." #Oscars #Oscars2020 

Picking from this, one fan strongly reacts, saying, "The Oscars. A night where all the “woke” white people vote for no one else but white people. Convenient. #fakeoutrage #oscars 
#OscarsSoWhite #Oscars2020 #oscarsredcarpet"

Another fan comments saying, "The irony of the Academy having all these black presenters and performers but so few black nominees. . . #Oscars #Oscars2020 #OscarsSoMale #OscarsSoWhite" 

She not only feels that the Academy leans more towards white majority and doesn't take into consideration people of color as it should, but also does not include women in all possible categories as well. This year, almost all nominations have a male majority and do not see women as equal participants in the competition. 

Another Twitter user commented on Natalie Portman's cape which bore names of all-female directors, being more than enough to show how much women creators are neglected in the industry. A fan said, "WOW! Now THAT is a LIVING piece of ART! Simply beautiful! #Oscars2020 But #OscarsSoWhite & #OscarsSoMale At least #Women got some recognition via #NataliePortman...but you know... That’s a DAMN SHAME!" 

Many other fans feel that "If Janelle and all POC would stop attending, they would probably start giving us our recognition. #OscarsSoWhite #janelle" 

Overall, a lot of people are quite miffed at the industry's discrimination towards women and people of color.

Keep watching 92nd Academy Awards, only on ABC, airing live all the way from Dolby Theater, Hollywood. 

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