Orsolya Gaal murder: Queens mom may have LET killer into home before she was stabbed 60 times

Orsolya Gaal murder: Queens mom may have LET killer into home before she was stabbed 60 times
Orsolya Gaal (Orsolya Gaal/Facebook)

QUEENS, NEW YORK: New York's crime spree added another murder to its tally on April 15, 2022, with the mysterious murder of Orsolya Gaal. The 51-year-old woman and mom-of-two was brutally stabbed over 60 times in her home in Forest Hills, Queens and the body was dumped in a duffel bag less than a mile from her home. More worryingly, Gaal's husband Howard Klein then received a threatening message from the killer, which said, "Your whole family is next."

As we previously reported, Gaal's body was discovered in a blood-soaked duffel by a resident of the area, thanks to his two dogs. CCTV footage from her home shows a mysterious male figure dragging her body down the street in the bag, leaving behind a trail of blood. Initially, the figure was suspected to be Klein or one of Gaal's sons, but later police clarified that the family is no longer suspects.


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It appears that instead, police have another suspect to focus on. That is thanks to the chilling messages the killer left for Klein. However, so far, the police are yet to make any arrests in the case. Here's everything we know about the killer.

Orsolya Gaal with her pet dog. (Orsolya Gaal/Facebook)

What happened to Orsolya Gaal?

The Queens mom is believed to have opened the door for her killer since police found no signs of forced entry at her home. At the time, Gaal's younger son Leo was at the home. He was initially questioned by police on April 16 and released. Klein and the couple's elder son Jamie were in Portland, looking at colleges at the time of the murder. It's unclear if Leo saw the killer, or helped lead the police to the suspect.

The killer then sent two texts to Klein. The first threatened, "Your whole family is next." The second said, "your wife sent me to jail some years ago... I'm back." It is unclear what this is a reference to, since Gaal is reportedly a stay-at-home mother. The texts were reportedly sent from Gaal's own phone. Adding to the mystery is the fact the mom went out with a male the night she died. Gaal reportedly told her son she was going to a show with friends, but one source told The Daily Mail that she spent the evening instead with a man. Right now, we do not know if that individual is the suspect, or if it is someone else who caught up with her later that night. 

Gaal, who was originally from Hungary frequently traveled home and around the world with her family. All her neighbors praised her as a friendly, kind, and "loving" individual, which is what makes her murder so stunning. Police say she was murdered in the basement of her home, with the autopsy revealing over 60 stab wounds to her neck, torso, and left arm. Wounds were also visible on her palms and fingers. It appears she did not suffer any sexual trauma.

The killing appears to have happened either late at night on April 16, or early on April 17. Surveillance footage shows the suspect dragging the duffel with Gaal's body down the street at around 4:30 am on April 17. 

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