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Who is lara Ferreira? OnlyFans star claims she was asked to leave Miami store for being 'TOO HOT'

The Brazilian OnlyFans creator was asked to leave when she was recognized by an employee who suspected her of filming in the store
UPDATED JUL 25, 2022
Iara Ferreira was allegedly asked to leave a supermarket in Miami after she was recognised because of her OnlyFans account (Iara Ferreira/Instagram)
Iara Ferreira was allegedly asked to leave a supermarket in Miami after she was recognised because of her OnlyFans account (Iara Ferreira/Instagram)

A Brazilian OnlyFans creator has claimed she was asked to leave a Miami supermarket for "being hot".

Lara Ferreira was allegedly asked by the staff of the Miami store to leave as she was wearing "revealing clothing". The model however defended herself, claiming her outfit was not scandalous but rather an everyday outfit for her in Brazil. The store employee, who is also Brazilian, recognized her because of her OnlyFans account and asked her to leave, which Ferreira thought was sheer "prejudice" because of her looks. She spoke with Daily Star about her humiliating experience and how she was taken by surprise after the incident.

Talking about her outfit, she said, "I felt humiliated; I was in shock when he took me out of the market screaming. My look was not scandalous. I wear it in Brazil on a daily basis, and I never went through that." She said content creators often tend to become an easy target for people to stereotype since they are easily recognizable and wear clothes which are bolder than the ordinary. She claimed that she was alone in the supermarket, and the employee still "accused me [lara] of something I didn't do; for me, it's prejudice just because I'm hot."


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The employee recognized her from OnlyFans and assumed she would start filming explicit content in the store. To this, lara said, "I've recorded in public, but always in a discreet way, without embarrassing other people. "And the employee recognised me; he knew what he was saying and doing. He commented that he knew me from OnlyFans. It was a shame." This is not the first time that lara has had to face odd comments from people judging her by her looks and clothes.

Previously, she had a sad experience at the beach where she was practically pushed to leave after facing bizarre and encroaching questions from other visitors. Surprisingly, these comments were made by women themselves. Three women walked up to her and asked her if she sold nudes online. "They've come to me asking: 'You're the clueless one who sells nude photos, right?' I was scared. I took my things and left the beach. Hot women also suffer. But that's envy, a repressed woman thing," she explained.


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Of the several cases where people, especially women, have been shamed because of their clothing, a 21-year-old was asked to leave an airplane when she wore a low-cut top. A man shouted at her, "Shut up, you pathetic woman, put a f***ing jacket on", and the airline staff announced the plane wouldn't take off unless she covered herself.