ONF drops 'Popping' music video, Fuses say 'you can’t spell confused without onf'

The song has a youthful summer tone, one that is catchy, but fans were left bewildered with its video

                            ONF drops 'Popping' music video, Fuses say 'you can’t spell confused without onf'
ONF confuses fans with their new mini-album 'Popping' (@wm_on7off/Twitter)

ONF is one of the many K-pop groups to make a comeback this summer. The K-pop industry is slowly taking the world by storm with third and fourth gen K-pop groups charting successfully at the global level. Rookies comprising fourth generation groups are not far behind, with ONF leading the pack. 

Fans of the group started trending #ONFisComing on Twitter after the rookie group had two of their older songs chart in the US months after their release, and ONF fans were blown away even further when the 2020 Tokyo Olympics played their song, 'Ugly Dance', during one of the games.


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The mini-album adds on to the ONF Universe

ONF released their new mini-album 'Popping' on August 9 after performing an online showcase. ‘Popping’ is their summer pop-up album where one can see members Hyojin, E-Sean, J-US, Wyatt, MK and You go deeper into the ONF Universe. ONF has always kept Fuses on their toes with every single new release and the music video for 'Popping' like a melting pot for all of their older releases. 

Fuses say that ONF music videos have many elements that repeat in every music video - abandoned scenarios, old and analogic gadgets, train stations, flowers, bar codes and astronomical elements. The music video for 'Popping', the lead single, has many if not all of these. The song has a youthful summer tone, one that is catchy, but fans were left bewildered with its video.


Release date

ONF’s 6th mini-album ‘Popping’ was released on August 9, 2021 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET)

How to listen

The mini-album ‘Popping’ was released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.



1. Popping (Written by Hwang Hyun and ONF's Wyatt)

2. Summer Poem (Written by Hwang Hyun and ONF's MK and Wyatt

3. Summer Shape (Written by Son Go Eun [Monotree])

4. Dry Ice (Written by Inner Child, Score [13], Megatone. GDLO, Hwang Hyun and ONF's Wyatt and MK

5. Summer End (Written by Hwang Hyun and ONF's Wyatt)

Is summer really coming?

‘Popping’ is a summer pop-up album but ONF has been confusing fans all along with what they mean by summer. When ONF first announced their comeback, they had an ice-cube drop into a glass of water which went with the theme. Soon it was evident that it was not going to be plain and simple when they released their first set of concept photos with the boys standing in front of an igloo while it was snowing. They released their track-list that went on to add to the confusion where one could see the songs from the album written around the moon.

The music video starts with the boys sitting on chairs in their usual clothing, singing the opening lines of the song in English which pertains to the idea that as summer is coming, one should not sing a sad song. That is how their song for summer and for love starts popping!

Watch the music video below.


Popping has left Fuses confused

The music video had many explosive reactions from fans as it left most of them confused after all ONF members died in the video with only one of them, Hyojin, left behind in a digital version. See how fans have reacted to the video.