'One Chicago' Crossover Event: Fans excited for upcoming crossover episodes titled 'Infection'

The teams across 'Chicago Fire', 'Chicago Med', and 'Chicago P.D.' will deal with what looks like an act of terrorism using a weaponized form of flesh-eating bacteria.

                            'One Chicago' Crossover Event: Fans excited for upcoming crossover episodes titled 'Infection'

We are only a week away from the 'Chicago' franchise's crossover event next week. All three episodes of 'Chicago Fire', 'Chicago Med' and 'Chicago P.D.' will be written by Derek Haas and has been touted to be a "true crossover" with the whole thing feeling very cinematic. When multiple patients are brought in after being infected by flesh-eating bacteria, the Intelligence unit investigates the apartment building from where the patients are coming in. When they realize someone is behind it who wants to cause an "apocalyptic event in Chicago", the clock is ticking and they have to catch the culprit and prevent the disaster from happening.

Even mini-crossovers make fans happy and they are excited about the mega event next week. One viewer tweeted, "Infection: the One Chicago crossover is going to be the best one they’ve ever done. I can feel it in my bones." The three episodes together look like something that has not been done before and fans cannot wait for next week as they count down the days to one of the biggest things about the 'Chicago' franchise.

The 'Chicago' crossover is an annual event that #ChiHard fans look forward to. However, up until now crossovers only featured a few characters from other shows on each episode. However, in this season it looks like the event will truly be #OneChicago. Last year's crossover featured a fire at a 25-story apartment complex with the people of 'Chicago Med' treating the victims and those of 'Chicago P.D.' investigating the fire. 

One viewer tweeted, "I live for One Chicago Crossover Event. Every Season is better than another. It is unique how perfect and beautiful these three shows work perfectly together and I love this so much. I'm ready! Can't wait October 16." The excitement is clearly contagious as another fan tweeted, "Okay hold on, this is going to be a rough ride. The best crossover event, amazing. Are you Chicago fans ready for this?"

The stakes certainly are high as we also see in the trailer that Upton might be infected. She is quarantined, but hey, there is no way we will lose another character from the 'Chicago' franchise so soon after losing Otis and Connor, right? Well, it's Derek Haas, so we just have to watch the episodes and find out.

The 'One Chicago' crossover event will air on NBC on Friday, October 16th.

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