'One Chicago Crossover' 2019 trailer: Epic three-hour cinematic event teases big drama in store for fans

The 'Chicago' franchise is known for its annual crossover events and it looks like this year, it will be bigger, bolder, and fierce.

                            'One Chicago Crossover' 2019 trailer: Epic three-hour cinematic event teases big drama in store for fans

Ever since the three shows of the 'Chicago' franchise came out, fans have been eagerly waiting for the annual crossover event combining 'Chicago Fire', 'Chicago P.D.', and 'Chicago Med'. There are mini-crossovers that occur between two of the shows but during the crossover event, the actors across the shows appear in one another's shows while FD, P.D., and Med work together to solve and deal with a big tragedy.

It is no different this year with the crossover set to air on October 16th. This time, 'Chicago Fire' showrunner Derek Haas -- who has written for all three shows for the crossover -- has said that it will feel like a true crossover, with the event continuing like a movie through the three episodes -- and this will be a first for the franchise. Up until last year, each show was distinct within the crossover, but that will not be the case this year.

As the trailer starts, we see Casey from 'Chicago Fire' and Halstead from 'Chicago P.D.' tossing a football in what looks like everyone got together for a game. This is when a man collapses in the crowd and our people from 'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago Med' rush to the guy to examine him -- his leg is covered in an extensive bruise which is confirmed by Dr. Halstead in the hospital to be caused by flesh-eating bacteria. But it is not just this one person -- soon, more people are getting brought in. When paramedics of two different fire stations figure out that the patients are all coming from one apartment building, it is clear something is not right.


As the teams rush to figure out what to do -- the doctors and nurses figure out how to contain this and treat it, the paramedics are bringing people in as more fall victim, the CDC has shown up, and the officers of the Intelligence Unit are clamoring to figure out who could be responsible for it. And as Dr. Halstead declares, later on, this is no outbreak, it's an act of terrorism. 

It looks like they will find the perpetrator, but they have set fire to the lab they were working in, to leave no evidence behind and this is where Truck 81 comes in. The firefighters try to tame the blaze and rescue people still in the lab. This person wants some sort of apocalyptic event in Chicago, according to Halstead, and has weaponized the flesh-eating bacteria for his purpose.

But here's where things take a bad turn: a patient collapses on Upton with her getting smeared by the blood. We don't know if Upton is infected, but she is quarantined. We just have to wait till the three-hour cinematic event airs to find out what happens.

The 'One Chicago' crossover will air on Wednesday, October 16th on NBC.

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