'On My Block' star Julio Macias says Spooky is a 'complex character' that people love and hate

'On My Block' star Julio Macias says Spooky is a 'complex character' that people love and hate

Netflix's 'On My Block' has done a great job of representing an oftentimes under-represented community in the first two seasons and will get to do so again soon thanks to the fact that Netflix has ordered a season 3. The show has helped throw light on many talented actors, most of whom we haven’t met before the Netflix show.

All of them play three-dimensional, emotional, heartwarming characters, and they are distinctly aware of how important the show and the way they represent the Latinx community is. When MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) caught up with Julio Macias at the 26th Annual Race to Erase MS gala, held in honor of Selma Blair, he spoke about his character Spooky in simple yet poignant words: “He is a complex character for a complex community that we don’t give enough light to.”

Admittedly, Spooky wasn’t all that relatable to most of us in season 1, having put on a tough exterior and playing the part of the hardened gangster pretty much on point. However, his shining grace has always been his love for his younger brother Cesar (Diego Tinoco). This was highlighted in season 2 when he risked everything to protect his hermano in his time of need.


Especially since then, people have gotten a better understanding of who Spooky is, and how he is just a young man who was raised in violence and is now trapped in it. This awareness, coupled with Macias’ undeniable charisma has made us all fall in love with the character – but also kind of weary of him in parts.

"I hate you Spooky, but I love you,” seems to be a common response to his ‘On My Block’ role, claimed Macias, who also added that he is really glad that people are able to understand and appreciate Spooky, and credits the writers for achieving this herculean task.

Macias, in fact, claims ‘On My Block’ fans helped him achieve one of the best moments of his professional life recently. The actor, who was at a red carpet event a couple of days ago, was more or less ignored by the press, who had no idea who he was and did not want to interview him. However, as soon as the people gathered at the event saw him, they screamed, and expressed their love for Spooky, forcing the press to pay attention as well.


We definitely are among the fans who love Spooky and want to see more of him in season 3, maybe in a love story?

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