'On My Block' star Julio Macias has a theory about who's behind that shocking season 2 ending

'On My Block' star Julio Macias has a theory about who's behind that shocking season 2 ending

Major spoilers for 'On My Block' season 2 ahead.

So, you’re done binge-watching season 2 of Netflix’s 'On My Block' as soon as it was added to the library on Friday, March 29, and wondering what actually happened right at the end. Cesar (Diego Tinoco) is relatively safe – from the gangs but not from the wrath of Monse (Sierra Capri), Jamal (Brett Gray) is no longer concerned about being cursed, and Ruby (Jason Genao) seems to be better equipped to deal with his PTSD.

In the very final scene of 'On My Block' season 2, we see the boys taunting Monse about her tendency to return to them almost immediately no matter where she goes. A livid Monse walks away from her friends, talking to herself about how much they infuriate her, and when she decides to take a final look at them, she realizes they are no longer there. Moments later, she too is getting kidnapped like her friends.

'On My Block' Season 2 saw the four friends go through some major emotional turmoil. (Netflix)

With the Prophets locked up, there aren’t really any big enemies that the foursome had to worry about – or so we thought. While we are still confused about the whole ordeal, Julio Macias who plays Cesar’s brother Oscar aka Spooky on the show, has a very plausible theory as to what – or who – happened to Monse, Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal.

"I have a little bit of a conspiracy theory that it goes deeper," Macias tells MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), elaborating, "I think that the money might be older than we think it is. It's not just the Roller World stuff. I don't know who it is, but I hope that its someone on Spooky's side, so maybe the Santos – that would be interesting because that would give Oscar a challenge of going against his second family which is the gang."

Macias who is pretty confident about 'On My Block' getting a third season also talks about how grateful he is for the opportunity to play Oscar. "I have done a whole bunch of different things from little shorts to independent features to plays to almost everything in between. I have never been part of something that just caught an audience this quickly and has grown with it, so I feel very confident about a third season," he says adding that he would love for Spooky to be challenged. "We have seen him try to tell Cesar what to do and tell other characters how to live their lives, but we really haven't seen him be challenged. Whatever that means, I would love to see it," states Macias. 

As far as we are concerned a nice romantic storyline would truly challenge Spooky's storyline, but according to Macias, Spooky is way too concerned with everything that is going around him – specifically, his incessant need to protect his brother Cesar – to engage in a romantic relationship. He opines, "I personally think that he is too preoccupied with Cesar to necessarily have a love interest. I think that if there were a love interest it wouldn't be easy, regardless of where that interest comes from, I think that it will be hard for Spooky to open up to anyone – especially to love someone else."

However, if Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft were to create a romantic storyline for Spooky – be it a heterosexual or a homosexual one – he would jump right in and bring in as much authenticity as he could. "I trust them implicitly. Whatever they write on that page will happen. I will make it happen," he guarantees. 

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