NYPD officer arrested for plotting murder of estranged husband and current boyfriend's teenage daughter

NYPD officer arrested for plotting murder of estranged husband and current boyfriend's teenage daughter

Veteran NYPD officer Valerie Cincinelli from Oceanside was arrested by FBI agents on Friday, May 17, and charged with plotting to kill her estranged husband and the teenage daughter of a current boyfriend. Court reports filed by the federal prosecutors revealed that Cincinelli, who has been a police officer for 12 years, will be held without bail for 12 years and considered a threat to the community after a hearing in the federal court in Central Islip.  

Cicinelli was tricked into revealing details of the murder plot on Friday with the help of her boyfriend, who has been identified only as CS (Confidential Source) in the court documents. The CS, whose own minor daughter was supposed to be one of the two targets, cooperated with the FBI and showed Cincinelli a staged picture of her "murdered" estranged husband Isaiah Carvalho Jr.

According to court papers, the 34-year-year mother of two devised the heinous scheme in February when she asked her unidentified boyfriend to hire a hitman. She even withdrew $7,000 from a TD Bank branch around February 18 and handed it to the CS, who was to use the money to buy five ounces of gold coins and pay a hitman.

However, the CS contacted the FBI and has been working as a double agent, letting the feds record their phone calls and wearing a recording device when they met in person. In one of the recordings she could be heard asking  “Did you do it yet?” and when she was informed that the hitman was at Carvalho's place of work in Long Island, she said he should be killed in "the hood" or "the ghetto" so "it would not look suspicious."

When the boyfriend informed her that the hitman did not want to carry out the murder of his daughter near a school in New Jersey, she allegedly responded with, "Run her the f**k over, how about that?" At one point she also asked the CS to carry out the murders themselves. 

"The evidence, in this case, is overwhelming," Brooklyn US Attorney Richard Donoghue said in the legal documents. Cincinelli was arrested at her home on Friday and charged with use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire, which carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

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