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NYC lawyer Cece Xie blasts student who sent 'unhinged’ mail when she declined to talk

The 30-year-old law graduate from Harvard called out the student on TikTok, saying, 'Benjamin, for your sake, I hope our paths never cross again'
Screenshots from the viral TikTok video (TikTok/ @cecexie)
Screenshots from the viral TikTok video (TikTok/ @cecexie)

A top NYC lawyer has revealed on TikTok how a polite 'no' to an undergraduate student resulted her in being harassed. Cece Xie took to TikTok to share her unpleasant experience online with an unidentified student, who first approached her to ask some questions.

The video has gone viral on the social media platform garnering over 1.6 million views. Cece Xie, a 30-year-old graduate from Harvard Law School, is also a content creator and active on almost all social media platforms. Her YouTube page described her as “an immigrant and the first lawyer in my family, i was surprised by many things throughout my education and legal career, and that's why i'm here to demystify the ivy league, student loans, and what being a lawyer is really like (hint: it's not like suits).”


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Xie detailed her interaction with the “entitled” student on TikTok whom she referred to as Benjamin and shared that she first received his email on November 30. The email read, “I am currently enrolled at [redacted] for undergrad; I have plenty to say (ask rather), but I was wondering if you’d deign to share 10 minutes with me telephonically to discuss law school admissions (attempting to matriculate into Duke Law) and post-graduate opportunities? I am a big fan of your YouTube, and I can assure you it will not be [obscured] your time.”


Xie said she soon responded to the student’s request and wrote back: “I unfortunately don’t have time to have one-on-ones with everyone who reaches out to me, but please check out [website] and my TikTok playlists for answers to some common questions I receive about law school and a legal career.” 

The New York City attorney also added that she asked the person to send his questions to her website if they hadn't already been addressed by the existing content on her social media platforms. But Xie was shocked when the student slammed her for turning down his request. As per the TikTok video, Benjamin told her: “I have an extremely hard time believing your ‘following’ is that abundant. You have plenty of time for a 10-minute call. It costs you nothing, makes you nothing. But it makes sense: You are still young and had to fight hard for the position(s) you occupy currently. You will become more charitable and altruistic as you age and gain material success.”

“Just remember, there is always time. Go tell Jeff Bezos (or even your senior partner for that matter) that you don’t have time. Lastly, 9/10 of the dolts hitting you up are just time-sucking tire kickers that have no potential. Thanks for your microaggressive civility,” the student apparently added.


The person reportedly sent the vitrolic email from his professional email id that also included his employer’s name below. Xie said that for some time, she thought of emailing his employer about the whole thing, but then left it. She, however, added that she won’t forget him. “Law is a small world, and I’ve gotten questions from friends before, looking to hire my former colleagues or acquaintances. And if I’ve had a bad experience with someone, I’m gonna tell the truth. So, Benjamin, for your sake, I hope our paths never cross again,” the woman stated.