Rachael Rollins: Video shows Biden’s new Massachusetts attorney confronting reporters

'Get off our private property, and I swear to God, I'm dead serious. I will find your name,' Rollins tells a reporter

                            Rachael Rollins: Video shows Biden’s new Massachusetts attorney confronting reporters
Rachael Rollins' old video has resurfaced showing her mistreating journalists (Instagram/ @rollins4da and Twitter/ @mikesacconetv)

An old video of President Joe Biden’s newly appointed Black Massachusetts attorney has apparently shown a not-so-pleasant side of her. The video was reportedly recorded by Boston 25 News in January 2021 that showed Rachael Rollins – who became the first Black woman to be in the position by the Senate on Wednesday, December 8 – angrily speaking with journalists outside her home and accusing them of threatening her children.

At the time, the outlet’s report stated that the news crew went to Rollins’ house to ask a few questions from her after a White woman alleged that the 50-year-old politician confronted and intimidated her after she tried to get ahead of her vehicle while driving away from the parking lot of a shopping center. Katie Lawson had said, “She pulled her car about three inches from my car and said, ‘Do you want me to write you a ticket? Because I’ll write you a ticket,’ put on the sirens, put on the strobe lights for like, probably a couple of seconds.”


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Lawson claimed that Rollins told her that “Today is not the day to try me,” before she added: “I 1,000 percent thought that she was a police officer because the only person I know that can write you a ticket is an actual a police officer. So she implied, in my opinion, she implied that she was a police officer. I thought she was a police officer. That’s why I called the police department.”

But when the team of journalists went to Rollins’ house to know her side of the story, she reportedly told them, “So the rantings of a White woman get you here and scare my children? Get off our private property, and I swear to God, I'm dead serious. I will find your name.” She continued, “My kids are inside,” before asking the team how they got to know where she lived and when they informed her that her address is on public record, she responded: “That's unbelievable. So as a Black woman, in this moment in this country, you're going to put my f**king house on screen?”

A journalist then tried to calm Rollins down and told her, “No, no, no, ma'am, we're just here approaching you to ask you a question” and “never even knocked on the door”. But the attorney said, “Get away from my family. Speak to me at my job. If I get hurt or harmed because of this, you are on the record for that, or my kids are f**king killed. Who do you think you are? This is private property. Get out of here. You know what I'll do? I'll call the police on you and make an allegation, and we'll see how that works for you.”


The resurfaced video by Fox in a Thursday afternoon, December 9, report then showed a cop intervening and asking the reporters to step back for the kids. It also showed Rollins going back to her car as the clip ends. The same footage has made its way to Twitter with a number of people reacting to it. A user tweeted, “She admitted on video that she is going to make a false allegation to the police, pretty sure that’s enough to get her law license revoked.” Another user commented, “I hope she feels that way about everyone's privacy. Doxxing is a terrible thing. Bothering people at their homes should be off limits.” “What's awesome about a public servant threatening someone with the police when no crime has been committed?” a tweet added.






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