Who is Tandra Bowser-Williams? Rikers Island corrections captain DIES after botched butt lift surgery

Who is Tandra Bowser-Williams? Rikers Island corrections captain DIES after botched butt lift surgery
Tandra Bowser-Williams (L) lost her life after going under the knife of unlicensed plastic surgeon Dr Hector Cabra (R). (Facebook)

A Brazilian butt lift from an unlicensed doctor apparently claimed the life of an NYC Department of Correction captain, who worked on Rikers Island. Tandra Bowser-Williams reporteldy had a massive stroke after going under knife at the hands of Dr Hector Cabral, who was earlier prosecuted in New York for illegally carrying out plastic surgeries.

As per reports, the 49-year-old woman flew to Dominican Republic to get the fat transfer procedure at the doctor’s Centro Internacional de Cirugia Plastica Avanzada clinic, which specializes in butt lifts and fat transfers, in Santo Domingo. The surgery happened on May 13 but on May 14, she died of the stroke. Prior to traveling for the operation, Bowser-Williams had told her husband of 26 years that he would "love" the outcome of the process.


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Curtis Williams told The New York Daily News, “Her exact words to me were ‘you’re gonna love Dr. Cabral’s work.’ I didn’t care one way or another. I accepted my wife the way she was.” He also said, “They brought my wife out of the medically induced coma so she could unlock her phone, so that’s how she was able to get in touch with me. I heard my wife in the background, and she was complaining about her stomach and her butt.”

Williams described his deceased wife as a dedicated mother who had “nerves of steel” and was bravely bringing up a son of her own along with her two sisters, a young nephew, and three foster kids. “Everybody is distraught. She was the heart, the lifeline of the family. The heartbeat,” her heartbroken husband added.

Tandra Bowser-Williams and Curtis Williams had been married for over two decades (Facebook/ Tandra Bowser-Williams)

President of the Correction Captains union, Patrick Ferraiuolo, also remembered Bowser-Williams while saying: “She was always a good captain, never tried to escape work, always worked in the jails, always worked with inmates. It's a real loss. She certainly didn't deserve this. She was a trooper.”

Meanwhile, the bogus doctor is apparently not facing any charges currently. However, in 2011, he had pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized practice of medicine in New York before coming to the Dominican Republic, where he runs his clinic. At the time, he avoided jail by striking a deal with prosecutors and as a result, he was asked to pay a $5,000 fine and $23,055 in restitution. He was also ordered to do 250 hours of community service in the Dominican Republic.

Earlier, charges were brought against the doctor after it was found he “examined at least 10 women in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan in local health spas and beauty parlors without a license before luring them to the Dominican Republic for operations. Some of the women were left disfigured,” The Daily Mail reported.


Four women lost their lives in 2017 during surgeries with Cabral. Katherine Jacqueline Pérez Minaya died a year later and in 2019, a woman named Altagracia Díaz, during her pre-op procedure. The 51-year-old wanted to have breast reduction surgery. Later, Cardi B reportedly paid a tribute to Díaz and shared on instagram Live at the time, “I was once going to operate with him, but I had a feeling and I did it with another doctor. You realize that when God opens your eyes it is for a reason. ... I am sad and it hurts because I know that the family is very hurt right now, but it could be my family that was suffering. This was like God giving me a sign.”

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