Brazilian butt lift expert Dr Miami warns against blindly following celebrities in search of perfect booty

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, known on social media as Dr. Miami, says the surgery has its risks and should be done only by well-trained surgeons.

                            Brazilian butt lift expert Dr Miami warns against blindly following celebrities in search of perfect booty
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The Brazilian butt lift is now a very popular cosmetic procedure, given the number of women who are looking to accentuate their curves. Contrary to popular belief, the Brazilian butt lift is not as safe as one thinks! 

Known as Dr. Miami on social media, Dr. Michael Salzhauer speaks to MEAWW exclusively and shares that the Brazilian Butt lift does have significant dangers. These dangers include untrained surgeons or using the wrong kind of instruments and tools. As Dr. Salzhauer explains, the procedure includes removing fat from unwanted areas in the body like the tummy, love handles, back or thighs. 

"We take that fat out. We isolate it. We put antibiotics into it and then we inject it into the booty and sculpt it," he shared. As he says, the result is quite dramatic - your waist gets smaller, hips get wider and your butt gets bigger giving one an hourglass-like shape. "It is also their own fat and so there is no chance of rejecting it," he said. 

However, there are many dangers when it comes to surgery. One of the most significant problems would be if the fat, instead of going under the skin, can go into the muscle or the veins of the butt and in the heart and lungs. This can even kill people. "There are a number of deaths in Miami, in South America, in Europe to the point where some countries have urged extreme caution in doing the operation." 

 Dr. Salzhauer also said people needed trained surgeons to do the surgery. Given how popular the procedure is, the demand has managed to outdo the supply of surgeons who can perform the procedure well. This has become a pretty serious issue and has resulted in many people losing their lives.

The Brazilian Butt lift procedure has become extremely popular in the past few years and it is part of the culture of the world. "The archeology of different cultures show curvy women. We are just going back to that. The Brazilian Butt lift allows people who weren't blessed with that shape - to have it through surgery," Dr. Salzhauer said.

The Brazilian butt lift may be as dangerous as 1 in 3,500 dying from complications but he thinks that those numbers are exaggerated. It is probably closer to 1 in 15,000 which is similar to a tummy tuck which is 1 in 20,000.

Dr. Salzhauer has also been promoting his new alliance of Brazilian butt lift doctors called the World Association of Gluteal Surgeons. The organization looks at educating the public as well as surgeons around the world on how to perform the Brazilian Butt lift correctly. "If it is not done safely, it is not worth it. It is not worth risking your life for something." 

When it comes to how dangerous general plastic surgery is, Dr. Salzhauer said, "the danger is small but it's not zero." "The healthier the patient is, the more the chances are of them going through it successfully. On the other hand, it is not a joke so you shouldn't be doing surgery for no reason," he added.

He said that he has often turned away people who don't seem to need it, especially when it seems psychological and not physical.

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