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Black TikToker defends Muslim women from man throwing chicken at them on NYC subway

In a viral TikTok video, a Black woman is seen challenging a man who was harassing Muslim women wearing Hijab on a NYC subway train
A screengrab of the viral TikTok video showing the alleged harrasser on the subway (@shamaineholman1/TikTok)
A screengrab of the viral TikTok video showing the alleged harrasser on the subway (@shamaineholman1/TikTok)

In a viral TikTok video, a Black woman on the New York City subway is seen defending Hijabi women from harassment this past week. The three-minute clip was posted on March 17 by a TikToker user @shamaineholman1 and the video has garnered whopping 400,000 likes and more than 2.1 million views. 
The video showcases a lightly crowded Brooklyn-bound J train as the camera focused on a man who the TikToker alleges was harassing a woman wearing Hijab on the train. The text overlay on the video read, “When a [Black] man throws a chicken at a Muslim woman with a [hijab] and didn’t know I’m bout that life.” 


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The video begins with a woman reprimanding the alleged harasser while the camera focuses on the man. The woman who remains off camera said, “I didn’t want to f**king get mad. Who f**king does that? F**king clown.” She continues, “I’m sorry y’all he did that because that was some dumb-a*s s**t. You didn’t even have to do that out there.”
The alleged harasser then responded by saying “Shut the fuck up, n***a”. but the woman claps back saying, “You shut the f**k up, and I’m a whole f**king female you dumb a*s.” He then goes, “F**k out of here.”
“You shut the f**k up, cuz you shouldn’t have done thrown that at them, you stupid a*s. They wasn’t even doing nothing to you. Why would you throw something at them with your dumb a*s? I wish I was a n***a, so I could punch you in your f**king face, but I’m a f**king female.” she added.
She continues, “I swear to God, you ain’t even had to f**king do that. Those were women. F**king disrespectful moron. I swear to God.” He then threatens to punch her. She then counters saying, “You’re not going to punch me, s**t. You shoulda never been doing that s**t to them. Them females did not do nothing to you. You disrespectful, period. Sit your dumb a*s down.”
He sits down, and begins to eat a meal before he attempts to respond, she cuts him to say “You ain’t gonna do s**t, so sit your a*s down, shut the f**k up, period. I’m not with you on that dumb s**t. What the f**k you mean? F**k outta here. With your bum a*s, you shut your f**king mouth. You the one disrespecting women, for what? For what? They didn’t do nothing to you, what did they do, sit down? And what did you do? Throw a f**king chicken at them. Why? For what? F**king idiot. Shut the f**k up.”
The man tries to tell her to shut her mouth, to which the Samaritan replies, “I don’t gotta do s**t. Why don’t you make me shut my mouth. Since you bold, why don’t you get the f**k up and make me? I want you to hit a Black woman, cause you can do that to them, but you damn sure ain’t gonna hit me, f**k outta here. Don’t be doing that s**t, you dumb a*s. Just shut up stupid, s**t all the way the f**k up.”
The harasser continues to threaten the lady again when she replies, “Why don’t you do it? I’m right here, why don’t you do it? I want you to. I’m right the f**k here.” He responds, “I’m going to punch you in the f**king mouth.” She quickly retorts, “And I want you to do it, I’m right here. I want you to get up and do it, I’m right here. F**k outta here.”
The TikToker then turns to the women he was harassing and asks them if they’re alright, and the women thank her. Eventually, the man quiets down, and she concludes, “You just mad because somebody told your dumb a*s about yourself. You’ll be alright. Next time, have some f**king manners. Grow the f**k up, you’re a grown-a*s man acting like a little-a*s boy for what. For what reason?”