'Horrifying' viral video of male students joking about rape sparks outrage

Kristen recorded her classmates joking about rape and consent, which she shared on TikTok with a caption: 'POV: your the only girl in a tech class'

                            'Horrifying' viral video of male students joking about rape sparks outrage
Kristen (@tank_on_e) shown in the viral clip (Twitter/ @JessicaValenti)

A young woman’s video has terrified people on the internet as it recorded an insensitive conversation among her male classmates. Kristen (@tank_on_e) recorded her classmates joking about rape and consent, which she shared on TikTok with a caption that read, “POV: your [sic] the only girl in a tech class.”

The alarming video began when the men of the class were discussing having sex with a woman. One was heard saying in the clip, “No matter how big or small your d*** is they can’t feel it either way.” The second one then said, “Or you could just find one that doesn’t talk so when you ask them for consent it’s ‘yes’ any time.” The third one stated, “Or a Blind one,” to which the second man added: “Yes!”


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The third man then said, “...so they don’t know where you’re at!” In the video, the voice of a new man was heard, who remarked, “So, you're saying silence is consent? That if they’re knocked out, it’s consent?” The second man responded: “Say nothing if you can consent.”

Everyone was then heard laughing in the video while Kristen just stares. Someone then playfully said, “Just so you know every single one of us in this room is going to hell. Even just laughing at this shit, we’re going to hell.” The woman did not give any further details regarding the video, but the intention became quite clear soon. The TikTok video also went viral on Twitter after being shared there by feminist author and columnist Jessica Valenti. She wrote, “When we say ‘yes all men’ this is what we mean.”


In her other tweets, she noted: “Because it's not just about the man who harasses or assaults women, and it's not just about the guy who jokes about it. It's about the men who laugh, and the men who say nothing. It's true that only a small percentage of men abuse women - but that number doesn't mean shit if the majority of men enable it.” Valenti also shared a transcript of the video as she added: “For anyone who wants captions.”






People were quick to express their thoughts over the whole incident. A user tweeted, “Horrifying. Just disgusting. Instead of saying it’s ‘just those men’ we can say: ‘We as men’.” Another one noted, “I'm a 50 yo man. I can remember when talk like this acceptable, back in the 80's. This is not acceptable, anywhere at any time. I'm sorry that you have to go through this. You should take this to an administrator immediately. This really angers me.” “I’ve really come to the conclusion over the last few years that all male spaces should be literally banned in any and all configurations. We simply cannot be trusted,” a third user added.






Reddit users were also full of anger after the video was shared there. A person recalled their similar experience while writing, “I majored in CS and these were exactly the kinda jokes a lot of my incel classmates would make. You could visibly see our communications prof who happened to be a young woman in her early thirties roll her eyes, like she'd want to fuck off to another job immediately if she had the opportunity. Getting told you don't look like someone who works in tech is a major compliment these days because of guys like these.” Another user added: “I was the only female in an Engineering course at college, and it was exactly the same. The teachers joined in as well sometimes.”