Olivia Fenton: New York actress claims she's catfished by female boss in viral video

Olivia Fenton: New York actress claims she's catfished by female boss in viral video
Actress Olivia Fenton was catfished by her own female boss (Instagram/@liv_fenton)

A New York actress has claimed she was catfished by her own female boss, who pretended to be a man using a burner phone for weeks, asked her to go on multiple dates, and even sent her flowers.

Olivia Fenton, an actress who mostly features in musical movies, claims that her manager catfished her. She said her manager, who has not been identified, told her she wanted to 'set her up with her best guy friend' and help them get in contact. However, after weeks of talking to the 'man' and unsuccessfully trying to meet up, Fenton was shocked to discover she was actually talking to her manager the entire time. 



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The actress opened up about her bizzare story on TikTok in a video titled 'Catfished by my own boss! Has this also happened to any of you NYC girlies out there? I must know', and it quickly went viral, gaining more than three million views in a matter of days and many people found it to be unsettling.

Olivia telling her bizzare story on a Tviral TikTok video. (Tiktok/ @oliviafenton4)


According to Olivia, she became suspicious after the person she was talking to stood her up on multiple occasions. She said they tried to go on a date three different times, but was stood up every time.



Olivia said the person made excuses like getting stuck in meetings at work, subway delays for not meeting her. On their third attempt to meet up, the person claimed to have come to the bar but left after not seeing her.

Eventually, Olivia had enough and told her manager that she had given the man a chance, but it wasn't going to work between them.

But then she got a text asking her for one more shot. She agreed, but was left disappointed when the person again skipped out on the date, claiming to have had met with an accident.


After this last non-meeting, the person sent her flowers and a small note.

Olivia noticed that the handwriting matched with her boss, and that's when she started to 'put the pieces together' that the 'guy' she was set-up with was actually her manager.

She claimed her manager tricked her by using photos of "some random gay guy from Georgia."

In a follow up, she explained that as soon as she uncovered the truth, she went to HR who 'handled it immediately' and fired her manager. 


"I also found out she did this to a woman at her previous company," she added. 

Olivia said she believes her manager 'is deeply in the closet and still coming to terms with her sexuality," and maybe that's why she did it.

"I think she might have had a crush on me and took it way too far," she concluded

Under Olivia's video many people commented and shared their dismay. One wrote, "People are insane. Glad HR jumped on it immediately."


"I've been a manager for 30 years and would never even consider setting my employee up on a date," another wrote. "That should've been your first red flag. Yikes."

Another added, "Listen, as a former closeted lesbian, there's coming to terms with your identity and then there's this..."

"D**n she could've just asked you on a date and kept her job," a fourth comment read.
"That's not a "in the closet" thing, that's a "needs to see a therapist ASAP" thing,' a different user agreed.


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