Will NSYNC reunite? Fans demand Verzuz battle between band and Backstreet Boys, argue who will emerge winner

Backstreet Boys' fans wrote 'We all know who wins,' atop a GIF of the group while NSYNC lovers said that the band will 'murder Backstreet'

                            Will NSYNC reunite? Fans demand Verzuz battle between band and Backstreet Boys, argue who will emerge winner
NSYNC, Backstreet Boys (Getty Images)

Twitter is calling for a head-to-head Verzuz Battle between boy band titans NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

Since Snoop Dogg and DMX were put against each other in last week's epic Verzuz Instagram battle series, the list for fan-desired contenders on upcoming battles keeps on growing. Previously conceived by fans as battle-worthy contenders have been Soulja Boy and Bow Wow or Ashanti and Keyshia, and even Usher and Chris Brown.

Now, the idea of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC has been proposed all over Twitter, with fans saying, "THIS IS THE VERZUZ I WANT TO SEE." The notion has resulted in several arguments over who is better. Backstreet Boys' fans wrote "We all know who wins," atop a GIF of the group while someone replied, "It's not even a question lol." One fan said, "Backstreet Boys all the way! NSYNC songs were good but memorable? Not really. 'Bye bye bye' was their biggest hit but even that song has rarely been picked up again today. BSB songs are still being played. 'I Want It That Way,' 'Everybody,' & 'Quit Playing Games'=classic!"

NSYNC followers also filled the comments, saying, "Nsync will murder backstreet (i think i'm listening to jill scott and not turning it off)" and "Nsync is supreme. Period." One fan wrote, "Crazy, nsync got heat." Another fan said, "You know what. Everybody just go listen to *NSYNC’s 'Sailing'. We have the winner /end thread."

Other followers haven't been able to choose and respect both bands equally. One superfan said, "Been to concerts by both, had the stickers, lollipops and tshirts. Watched Hit List every Friday night. Saw them both at MuchMusic. Can sing every song word for word on all albums up to 2010... BSB are UNMATCHED or the slow jams. NSYNC is UNMATCHED on the uptempo bangers." A fan wrote, "Mannnnn this is a tough one LMAO," to which another fan replied, saying, "Wouldn’t it be fire to see?"

The Backstreet Boys have reunited for their 'DNA World Tour' in 2020, but could we see NSYNC coming back together? We can only hope the fan-demand and Verzuz musical arena is enough to challenge them into it.

Although NSYNC announced a "temporary hiatus" in early 2002, the band has not recorded new material since then. In 2007, member Lance Bass confirmed that the group had broken up. But in March 2020, over a decade later, former NSYNC member Justin Timberlake revealed he is open to a reunion during an appearance on Bass' podcast 'The Daily Popcast', according to People Magazine.

The Verzuz Battle series mostly takes on artists from hip-hop and R&B, the notion that boy bands should compete is rather humorous at first, but we have to admit, it has an infectious ring to it. Fantasizing and arguing over who is the best boy band is not a new topic or idea, but if it had to eventually come down to it, such a battle would likely tear down the roof with audiences screaming at the top of their lungs. 

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