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'No surprise here': Joe Biden trolled as he repeatedly refers to Dem Rep Don Beyer as 'Doug'

'He may not be a bad person, but he’s been a really bad leader for this economy,' said a user
Joe Biden repeatedly Dem Rep. Don Beyer, 'Dough' during his speech on January 26 (New York Post/YouTube, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Joe Biden repeatedly Dem Rep. Don Beyer, 'Dough' during his speech on January 26 (New York Post/YouTube, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA: President Joe Biden was trolled for his yet another infamous verbal fumble on Thursday, January 26. During his latest visit to Virginia, Biden called well-known Rep. Donald Beyer (D-Va) by the name “Doug” four times while giving a speech on the state of the US economy.

Ironically before this embarrassing moment, America's oldest president also joked about how the critics once called him "stupid" when he asked his audience to sit. "When I was seeking the nomination, I said, take a seat everybody and there wasn't a single chair in the place and they said that Biden really is stupid," reported Daily Mail. However, the long history of frequent blunders continues to fuel concerns about Biden's mental fitness


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President Joe Biden's gaffle-filled visit

President Joe Biden was addressing how the Republicans were creating chaos in the country before jumping to call out the local congressman Democratic Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia by the wrong name in his speech. “Where’s Doug? Congressman?” Biden questioned before googling for him in the crowd. “He’s around here somewhere,” he said to the crowd at Steamfitters Local 602 United Association Mechanical Trades School in Springfield, Virginia.


"Oh, there you are," Biden said when Beyer stood up in the audience. And then he repeated his error, "Doug, thanks for the passport." Biden then jokingly said, "Doug and I have something in common. We both married way above our station," adding, "Congressman Beyer, you've been doing a great job for this district and you are one of the best in the country. You really are. I don't want to ruin his reputation, but we vote a lot like." Beyer, before he was elected to Congress, was a famed owner of a large car dealership. Advertisements featuring him ran on the local airwaves.

President Joe Biden's gaffes just don't seem to stop

This uncomfortable moment recalled another infamous September exchange when Biden asked “Where’s Jackie?” as he searched for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski even after mourning her death and calling her family to offer condolences in August. In another blunder-filled instance Biden during his speech in Philadelphia, on October 28, claimed he had been to "54 states" as he rallied for embattled Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman.

POTUS gave distorted remarks about how his administration had improved healthcare and that "we went to 54 states" to stop pharmaceutical companies from driving drug prices, reported MEAWW. Biden's addition of four non-existent states sparked huge controversy after he prepares to launch a 2024 re-election campaign.

'Add it to the list'

Social media users claimed they were not surprised by Biden's latest blunder. One user wrote on Twitter, "NotReally President Shtzhizpantz can’t take a dump in his Depends and remember things at the same time." Another chimed, "Tune in for today’s episode of ‘What the F**k is Biden Mumbling About Now!?" A third user mocked Biden with a gif that read "PRESIDENT CORN POP." One user shared a short clip of 90 seconds showing Biden forgetting someone's name captioning, "Add it to the list." A tweet read, "No surprise here." "I almost feel really bad for him! He may not be a bad person, but he’s been a really bad leader for this economy & continues to help other countries before doing what’s best for this country!" claimed a user.







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