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Netflix 'Night Teeth' Ending Explained: Will Benny control his blood cravings?

The city of Los Angeles is a haunt for vampires to exist alongside humans until Victor messes it all up in 'Night Teeth' on Netflix
UPDATED OCT 20, 2021
 A still from 'Night Teeth' (Netflix)
A still from 'Night Teeth' (Netflix)

'Night Teeth' just had its premiere on Netflix and it made for a fairly decent watch. The Netflix movie is being helmed as a horror thriller but is actually quite amusing as we follow age-old vampires who are out to hunt.

The Netflix movie follows Benny, a broke college student who takes up a job as a driver for one night and meets the mysterious Blaire and Zoe. What follows is a wild ride through the City of Angels with vampires and hunters thrown into the mix. Filled with blood, guns, parties, and cross-bows the movie is a fun flick. Here's what went down


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Spoilers for Netflix's 'Night Teeth'

'Night Teeth' opens with a voiceover telling us vampires have lived right under their noses for years in LA. They used to be hunted with a place called Boyle Heights fighting the hardest until a truce was made. The 3 rules are - Don't let humans know they exist, don't feed on the unwilling, and never to enter Boyle Heights without permission. We meet Jay(Jorge Lendeborg Jr) and his girlfriend Maria (Ash Santos) followed by a car that crashes into them. Jay pulls out his gun as a man later revealed to be named Victor (Alfie Allen) is in the car. In the ensuing attack, Maria gets taken. We then meet broke student Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr) who is Jay's half-brother and takes on Jay's one-time job as a driver with Jay telling him to assume his identity for the night. Benny goes to pick up his passengers, revealed to be two girls called Zoe (Lucy Fry) and Blaire (Debby Ryan) who instruct him to take them to multiple parties throughout the night with the last destination to be reached by morning. Benny smells something fishy when he hears screams at the party and later finds the bag the girls brought to be filled with blood-covered wads of cash. He follows the girls inside the second destination and gets a fright when he discovers they're vampires as they feed on two men. After being threatened, his identity is revealed and he is held captive although he tries to escape.

A still from 'Night Teeth' (Netflix)

Jay was the target, not Benny as we find out Jay leads a group of hunters who maintain the peace. Victor is revealed to be killing the five vampire bosses who control various parts of LA in order to be the boss, with the girls helping him. As the girls go about their mission we see Blaire and Benny warm up to each other with Blaire looking out for him when Zoe acts crazy and even puts on a show in front of his rude friends. In one of the clubs, the girls are cornered and only manage to escape after Benny surprisingly helps. Jay, who is out on the hunt, spots Benny there as the three make their escape. Jay receives a message about meeting Victor. Meanwhile, Benny takes the girls to his home as a place to be safe. His grandmother finds him and noticing Benny likes Blaire, approves as well. As Zoe is on the phone reporting to Victor we see Benny and Blaire connect more personally. Blaire fails to convince Zoe to leave Benny behind and the three set out for the last kill of the night. Jay meets Victor, who informs him that he is the last piece to get knocked off the board. The final boss Rocko ( Alexander Ludwig) who initially seems clueless actually knows about Zoe's plan and attacks along with his gang. Benny and Blaire who were busy making out rush to help with them barely escaping and morning fast approaching, but not before Zoe is injured.

Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry in 'Night Teeth' (Netflix)

'Night Teeth' Ending explained

The three drive to Victor's house with Blaire telling Benny to run. He takes the car only to return again. Sneaking in he finds Jay tied up with a tube in his neck to draw blood but not before Victor finds him and takes him away. There the three vampires are gathered with Zoe about to kill Benny. Blaire finally stands up to Zoe but gets stabbed in the process. In a surprising move, we find out that Benny had rigged the car in such a way that when he uses the remote it crashes into the room. With sunlight spilling in, Zoe burns up and dies. Jay comes up into the room and tells Benny to run, warning him it's a trap. Victor runs in and bites his neck following which Jay slams into him pushing Victor into the sunlight. Blaire who is in the shaded part comes to Benny as they both feed on each other blood. The scene cuts to Benny waking up in bed and wary of sunlight. Jay and Benny meet for dinner where he tells him things are going to be different with Benny saying he knows where home is. He leaves his brother Jay the bag of cash. Later, we see Benny in the library suddenly being attracted to his friend's neck, and leaves. He runs into them again.

The movie ends with Blaire pulling up in her car to pick him up as he cooly offers a ride to his friends who made fun of him earlier and begins his new nights as a vampire.

'Night Teeth' is now streaming on Netflix.