The Search for Nicola Bulley: Cops attempt to trace key witness who was seen walking on river path

The Search for Nicola Bulley: Cops attempt to trace key witness who was seen walking on river path
Police said that the witness is a woman who was seen pushing a pram on the morning of January 27 when Nicola Bulley went missing (Lancashire Police)

INSKIP, LANCASHIRE: Police have attempted to speak with a key witness who was seen walking along the river path on the morning of Nicola Bulley's disappearance. It comes after her sister attacked the police's theory that she might have fallen into a river. Bulley, a mother of two, has been missing in St Michael’s on Wyre since she went out to walk a dog on January 27, 2023


The witness is a woman who was seen carrying a pram on the morning of Friday, January 27, when Bulley went missing. “It is believed that the female in question may have walked along the river path during these times and so detectives want to speak to her and urge her to get in touch,” Lancashire police said.


Nicola Bulley: Missing mom's sister rejects police theory that she fell into river while walking dog

Nicola Bulley disappearance: Mom-of-two may have fallen into river while walking her dog, say police

She is seen 'twice' in the area

The police, in a news release shared on Facebook, said, "She was seen walking from the direction of Allotment Lane towards the Grapes public house at approximately 8.22 am and is seen again walking on Allotment Lane towards Garstang Road at 8.41 am."



'No evidence whatsoever,' Bulley's sister rebuts police theory 

It comes after family and friends questioned the police theory that the missing dog walker drowned into the river. In a Facebook post, Bulley's sister Louise Cunningham urged people to “keep an open mind” as there is “no evidence whatsoever” that the dog walker fell into the river. "Please keep sharing my Nikki …Off the back of the latest police media update, please can I add there is no evidence whatsoever that she has gone into the river, it’s just a theory. Everyone needs to keep an open mind as not all CCTV and leads have been investigated fully, and the police confirmed the case is far from over. ❤️❤️🙏," she wrote.



'You don't base life on a hypothesis' 

Bulley’s friend Emma White also casted doubt on the police theory, saying "police hypothesis is on limited information". “When we are talking about a life we can't base it on a hypothesis - surely we need this factual evidence,” she said on Sky News. "We still have no evidence, and that's why we're out together in force. You don't base life on a hypothesis."


Police seek help from car drivers having dash cams

Police had earlier given a description of what Nicola was last wearing and had asked the public to look out for the possible sighting of any of her apparel. In the latest appeal for wanting to talk with the possible witness, the police have also asked those "who drove down Blackpool Lane or Garstang Lane on the morning of Friday, January 27, between 9 am and 10 am and had dash cam footage on their vehicles to make contact."

"Whilst you may not think that you hold any relevant information, it is really important that we gather as much footage as possible from the area that morning so we can review every piece meticulously to establish whether Nicola can be seen," the appeal added. 

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 Nicola Bulley's disappearance: Cops attempt to trace key witness who was seen walking on river path