Who was Tyler Marie Thorp? Another NY woman, 26, falls to death trying to reach roof through fire escape

Who was Tyler Marie Thorp? Another NY woman, 26, falls to death trying to reach roof through fire escape
Second such death reported in city within a week (Photo by Epics/Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: A 26-year-old woman fell to her death from the fifth floor of an apartment in Kips Bay in Manhattan early morning Friday. Reports said Tyler Marie Thorp was trying to reach the terrace through the fire exit when she fell. Police confirmed that they had found her unconscious and unresponsive in a courtyard behind the building. 

The woman, who was reportedly visiting her friend, was pronounced dead on the scene. Police responded to a 911 call on Friday, May 28, at 1 am when the incident occurred. Thorp, who was from the Bronx, had decided along with her friend to climb onto the roof of 237 E 28th Street. 


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Police also said that the autopsy is pending, but ruled out suspected criminalities.

This also happens to be the second such incident to occur in the city within a week. According to a report in New York Post, on May 22, 24-year-old Cameron Perrelli was killed when she fell down an airshaft located between two buildings. 

The incident occurred in the East Village around 3:30 am. Perrelli with other friends -- about 20 of them -- were partying on the terrace of Topanga Building on 200 Avenue A when she had tried to climb up to the roof. A witness was quoted in the report as saying that Perrelli slipped while she attempted to climb. Police sources said that Perrelli lived elsewhere in the East Village and she was drinking with her friends when the incident had occurred. The party itself was thrown to celebrate a friend’s birthday. 

Unlike Thorp, who was pronounced dead on the scene by the paramedics, Perrelli had been rushed to Bellevue Hospital by first responders. Unfortunately, she did not survive. A report in the Daily Mail cited that the death of Perrelli could have been caused by illegal construction in the area. It was also revealed that several complaints were made about the building, however, no action had been taken. 

However, after the incident involving Perrelli, it was observed that even elected officials are calling for a change in the neighborhood. One of the complaints among many stated that workers were "installing a cinder block wall on the roof", however, when the site was visited, officials did not have access to the roof to take a call regarding the situation. 

When it comes to the airway through which Perrelli fell, it has been reported that there's approximately a 4-foot gap between Topanga building and the neighboring building. Pictures shared in the report also feature a sign which warns individuals to keep a distance of 10 feet from the edge. 

Meanwhile, there is no additional information available regarding Thorp's death or what led to her fall on Friday.

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