New iPhone 14 feature alerts cops about 'worst crash ever’ that kills 6 people

New iPhone 14 feature alerts cops about 'worst crash ever’ that kills 6 people
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LINCOLN, NEBRASKA: The newly launched iPhone 14's crash detection feature informed Nebraska cops about a tragic car crash on Sunday, October 2. The crash was described as "the worst crash in Lincoln in recent memory," which left six people dead. As per the authorities, the black Honda accord crashed into a tree at around 2.15 am.

Five men were reported to have died instantly at the scene, while a 24-year-old woman was rushed to a nearby hospital, and later succumbed to her severe injury. The cops were alerted about this deadly crash by iPhone 14’s latest feature, with no witnesses. As the investigation is still on, the 22-year-old driver’s identity remains unknown, while the other casualties were one 21-year-old, one 23-year-old, and two 22-year-olds, and Jonathan Koch, 22.



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Brad Bartak, who got to know about the crash from his kids, told WOWT, it was his son and daughter that came running into his room telling him that someone had "hit out tree."

He then rushed along with his neighbors to help everyone onboard. He said, "I noticed that there was actually a fire coming from the engine... I basically grabbed the garden hose and ran it up to the car and we were dousing it.” According to one onlooker, “Emergency responders were working at the scene for at least five hours after they arrived.” 

“The scene was littered with shredded tree bark. The local news outlet said skid marks could be seen along the road leading up to the tree where the car crashed,” KETV, a local news outlet said.

Family members and friends of the victims started reacting to the tragic death of their loved ones. Jonathan Koch’s sister Kayla Kelley shared, “Life is so short. In the blink of an eye, the world is just shattering around you. He was the most amazing person you'd ever meet.”

She further posted on her Facebook page, “As I’m sitting in your bedroom mustering enough strength to write something so beautiful for you nothing I say will bring you back or show the entire universe just how amazing you are!”

Recently, iPhone 14 was launched by Apple with a new "crash detection" feature. It allows the device to detect a severe car accident and call for emergency assistance "if they are unconscious or unable to reach their phone."

iPhone’s latest edition features a dual-core accelerometer, capable of detecting G-force measurements of up to 256Gs. Further, it comes with a new high dynamic range of gyroscope.


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