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University of Idaho killings: House where 4 students were murdered had 'sliding back door' entrance

A source that used to live in the house of the murder said that there are 2 bedrooms on each of the floors, and a slider door that leads out the back
Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen, and Kaylee Goncalves were brutally murdered (@xanakernodle, @kayleegoncalves/Instagram and Screenshot/Good Morning America)
Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen, and Kaylee Goncalves were brutally murdered (@xanakernodle, @kayleegoncalves/Instagram and Screenshot/Good Morning America)

MOSCOW, IDAHO: New details reveal that the slain University of Idaho students had a "sliding back door" for access to their home. A source who lived in the slain students' home for three years in 2012 and visited the university campus revealed to KTVB that there are two bedrooms on each floor of the three-story home and a sliding door that leads out the back. According to the source, the bedroom is right next to the kitchen, about 20 feet from the sliding door, and a staircase leading to the third floor is also nearby. The sliding door opens to a backyard that leads to a secluded area.

The source also stated that it was difficult to hear anything from the lowest level. The source claimed that during his time there, his roommates on the bottom floor often held parties or turned up the music loudly on the second floor at the front of the house. "So many memories in that house that are just ruined now. It hits close to home," he remarked. As Fox News reports, authorities have since discovered that there were two entrances to the house. The front door had a more secure code lock and the back entrance had a sliding door.


Idaho massacre: Many people knew code for keypad door lock of house, Kaylee Goncalves's sister says

Kaylee Goncalves's sister Alivea says she called 'Jack' seven times before she was murdered with 3 others

Earlier, in an interview, the sister of one of the victims revealed that many of the other kids in the area had access to the house and knew the code for the door. She told KHQ, “There was a keypad on their front door. I will say, due to the closeness of the community and due to the safety of it, I think a lot of people had access to that door. But yes, that door had a keypad code on it.” Earlier, another source revealed to Fox News that the front coded door, one of two main entry points, was frequently used to enter the home. However, she also claimed that the door was not activated most of the time.

"Most frequently, people used the door that was located in the basement, and then you took a set of stairs to get to the main floor. When I would go there, the code wouldn't be activated, so we could just open the door and get in,” she remarked. Meanwhile, earlier police stated that “We are making progress as far as processing leads go.” They revealed that the Behavioral Analysis Unit is developing a profile of the suspected murderer.

However, it might not be made public unless it is necessary to generate additional leads. A map was also released that provided the victim's whereabouts before the murders. Meanwhile, anyone with information about this crime or a tip about the victim's whereabouts, or a suspicious person in the area is asked to call 208-883-7180 or email