'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 16: Will Iggy date Trevor? Tyler Labine teases TROUBLE

'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 16: Will Iggy date Trevor? Tyler Labine teases TROUBLE
Tyler Labine and Mark Doyle in a still from 'New Amsterdam' (NBC)

One of the storylines on 'New Amsterdam' that's yet to be explored is that of Tyler Labine's Iggy Frome and the quiet, but subtle flirting from his assistant, Trevor (Ryan Faucett). With the latter making no secret of the fact that he likes Iggy, it put the doc in a rather uncomfortable position and that meant trouble was brewing considering he was being attracted to his assistant. While the duo has a direct chat about Iggy's relationship with his husband Martin (Mike Doyle), the promo of Episode 16 hints at major changes for the character.

It's been a tough season for Iggy, especially after Michelle Forbes' Veronica Fuentes demoted him as head of the psychiatry department. It didn't help that his relationship with his friends, especially Ryan Floyd (Jocko Sims) has fractured. But as far as his relationship arc goes, Iggy might land himself in trouble.


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Labine teased just as much in an interview with TV Insider. "Trevor is not gone. There’s a lot coming up with Trevor. I can’t spill very much about that. But I will say this: You’re absolutely correct: It was a terrible idea for him to hire Trevor professionally, personally, emotionally. It’s gonna get him in a lot of trouble. He really walked into a buzz saw with this one," he explained.

Does this mean Iggy might date Trevor or have a hook-up that'll end badly for both characters? That he didn't tell Trevor that his sweater was a present from Martin was another subtle hint that there were unspoken feelings between the two. "I know, that was so shady. I can tell you that Martin, who has been nothing but a rock and supportive for Iggy, may have hit his wall, the actor told the outlet.

What are your thoughts on Iggy and Trevor having a relationship? How will it affect Martin, and will this lead to a breakup? 

'New Amsterdam' Season 4 returns on April 19 on NBC.

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