'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 14: Dramatic chapter brings Max back in the picture

Major changes in store after gripping episode signals the return of Max Goodwin to New Amsterdam

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 14: Dramatic chapter brings Max back in the picture
Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin and Stephen Adly Guirgis as Chaplain Alpert in the “Unto the Breach” episode (Photo by: Michael Greenberg/NBC)

Spoilers for 'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 14 'Unto the Breach'

Dr Vjay Kapoor is no more, and 'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 14 bids adieu to Anupam Kher's character with a heartwarming tribute. Soon after, it just jumps into 45 minutes of drama and an ending that cements Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes) as someone who looks at revenue over lives. Although she does play the cards in a way that it seems she cares for lives, safe to say she doesn't and brings in some major changes.

This review dissects the plot points from the final act for a change. First, the questions. Is Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) out of the hospital? She was considering resignation but changed her mind following the treatment of Rohan, Dr Vijay's son who OD's and is on the verge of death. Her heart-to-heart with Helen Sharpe (Aggya Freman) about Leyla Shinwari makes her feel that the hospital needs her more than anything else. However, Fuentes ensures that her time at New Amsterdam has come to an end. So is he effectively done? Looks like it for now.


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Is Max returning? The promo says it all, but the show won't return until the Winter Olympics are done. So it is a bit of a wait to see what Max will do now that he's back at the hospital. His relationship with Helen forms a key component now that they're effectively in a long-distance relationship. But hey, this is Max Goodwin, so he just might be the Messiah New Amsterdam needs.

Why did Floyd betray the team? It's hard to fathom that Jocko Sims' lovable character could pull something like this, but look at it from his perspective. He's trying to save lives and after watching a man spending the final minutes of his life with his wife and newborn in the last episode, he's had enough of New Amsterdam's policies. Dr Wilder's resistance may have worked in the past, but a critical surgery would mean the possibility of death and he's had enough of it. It's tough really. Forgiveness is a long way off, but in his heart, Floyd knew he was right.

'New Amsterdam' certainly switches things up a bit. For the next couple of episodes, Lauren might be missing from the ED, Leyla will have her hands full, Dr Frome is no longer chair of his department, so his mental state isn't a great one as well. It all depends on how Max can rally the troops for a final stand against Fuentes. Guess the only thing to say now is, "this time its war."

'New Amsterdam' Season 4 returns with Episode 15 on February 22, 2022 at 10 pm ET on NBC.