'New Amsterdam' Season 3 Episode 12: Will Max lose his vision? Helen may be forced to reveal her true feelings

A chemical spill at 'New Amsterdam' creates a dangerous situation for the doctors

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 3 Episode 12: Will Max lose his vision? Helen may be forced to reveal her true feelings
Ryan Eggold stars in 'New Amsterdam' (NBC)

It sometimes takes a true disaster for people to share their deepest feelings and it seems that could be the case in the upcoming episode of 'New Amsterdam'. In what proves to be a gripping trailer, we see that a chemical spill occurs in the hospital. We overhear an ominous voiceover in Dr Floyd Reynolds's (Jocko Sims) voice on how this incident can cause total vision loss.

The next thing we see is a bewildered Dr Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) saying that he can't see. What does seem to become clear, is that Dr Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) as she cradles Max in her arms, sees how much she cares for Max. 


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Fans after seeing the trailer of what looks like a truly thrilling episode were hoping that Helen and Max will both finally see what's in their hearts. One fan on YouTube said, "As much as this sucks, if this helps Sharpe admit her feelings for Max I'm all for it, hopefully the vision loss temp, and Bloom ok too."

In the last few episodes, Helen has kept Max at bay and even told him that they were better off as friends, just as they seemed to have been moving in for a kiss. Will this latest disaster help the two to move past their emotional baggage and finally be together. Fans are certainly hoping so. One fan tweeted, "If y’all don’t kiss when he wakes up from whatever tf this is I stg #newamsterdam."



Fans were finding it tough to handle the raw emotion in the trailer. One fan tweeted, "Helen and max gonna bond over acid flooding the hospital while crying in the showers together after one of them might go blind from exposure?????? #NewAmsterdam."



Another emotional fan tweeted, "MAX IS PASSED OUT(?) ON HELEN’s CHEST AND THE WAY SHE WAS CARRESSING HIM AND CRYING #newamsterdam."



Tune into 'New Amsterdam' on next Tuesday at 10 pm on NBC. 

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