How New Amsterdam's cast and crew helped New York at height of Covid-19 health crisis

How New Amsterdam's cast and crew helped New York at height of Covid-19 health crisis
'New Amsterdam' starring Ryan Eggold returns to screens soon (Instagram@nbcnewamsterdam)

Playing the dedicated team of healthcare professionals on 'New Amsterdam' has clearly sunk in very deeply into the psyche of the cast and crew of the hit medical drama. The Covid-19 fight was a brutal one for healthcare professionals across the world and the cast of 'New Amsterdam' wanted to do their bit for the medical heroes that inspired their show.

At the height of the pandemic when hospitals were struggling to find adequate supplies, the cast of 'New Amsterdam' had a brain wave.  'New Amsterdam' creator David Schulner said “Our tireless crew, the costume dept., set dec, props, all went through every storage area, every nook and cranny of every set and put together half a truckload of PPE, masks, gloves, gowns and face masks. While we work closely with Bellevue and Kings County Hospital we are working with NYC relief efforts to find the most needy.”


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'New Amsterdam' however, was not the only medical drama series to donate its supplies to local hospitals amid the coronavirus health crisis. ABC’s 'Grey’s Anatomy' and spinoff 'Station 19' as well as 'The Good Doctor' and Fox’s 'The Resident' also pitched in by donating masks, gowns, gloves to medical workers and hospitals in need.

However 'New Amsterdam' was the only medical drama filming in New York where the need for medical supplies was truly dire.

Playing such real-life heroes also obviously leads to a deeper understanding of the sacrifices medical professionals make especially during a pandemic. Star of 'New Amsterdam' Ryan Eggold in particular wanted to ensure that those sacrifices were noted with this post.



The cast of 'New Amsterdam' also did not escape unscathed from the pandemic. Actor Daniel Dae Kim who ironically joined the show to help pandemic victims in an episode that was later pulled, tested positive for coronavirus. The experience no doubt increased the actor's respect for the professionals who 'gown up' everyday.


A huge challenge that many doctors and healthcare professionals faced at the beginning of the pandemic was trying to convince people to stay home and stay safe. To combat this with their star power, some of the stars of 'New Amsterdam' including Janet Montgomery and Jocko Sims offered crucial advice on the NYC Health + Hospitals Youtube channel. 



Season 3 of 'New Amsterdam' will return on March 2 and will see the doctors of 'New Amsterdam', much like healthcare professionals across the world coming to grips with a whole new normal.

Season 3 also sees that Dr Max Goodwin played by Ryan Eggold is no longer content just fixing a broken system, he wants to start from scratch and tear it down completely. This is in light of the glaring inequities in the healthcare system that have come to light during the pandemic.

Catch the trailer of  Season 3 of 'New Amsterdam' here, perhaps a series that is closer to the cast's hearts for more reasons than one this time around.


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