Netflix's 'Doctor Cha' Episode 4 Takeaway: Jung-sook hitches a ride with Roy Kim to make In-ho jealous

Netflix's 'Doctor Cha' Episode 4 Takeaway: Jung-sook hitches a ride with Roy Kim to make In-ho jealous
Uhm Jung-hwa as Jung-sook in 'Doctor Cha' (Netflix)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'Doctor Cha' has been a total roller coaster ride, but in a good way. There were many developments in the series, and the plot definitely gets more interesting as the show progresses. Episode 3 was mostly about Jung-sook settling in and finding her way around the hospital, and how uncomfortable she is seeing her husband and son there every day.

Although the plot seems to get more complicated with each episode, it will surely reach a point where everything will make sense. Now Jung-sook is free, she knows what she wants, and there are tangible consequences for In-ho because he always puts Jung-sook down and does not encourage her enough. 'Doctor Cha' is a great series that not only puts a woman in the spotlight but also shatters social expectations and female stereotypes. 


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Jealousy gets the better of In-ho

In the last episode, we saw that the hospital chief invites all the hospital staff for a drink. But the small get-together turns into a saga of lies and jealousy when Jung-sook tells the boss that her husband has died when he asks about his whereabouts. In-ho sits across from her in a rage, wanting revenge, but it doesn't come to that as our Korean McDreamy Roy Kim challenges everyone to a round of karaoke, taking away everyone's relief. As the overwhelming night comes to an end, the Cha family takes different routes home. While Jung-sook's son makes out with their rude bully and co-worker, In-ho takes a cab. And to draw In-ho up the wall, Jung-sook rides along with Roy Kim on his motorcycle. But no sooner have they left than it all comes back to her, her victims, her abuse, and the whole liver transplant. She tells Roy Kim to stop, as she feels sick. But once Roy Kim and Jung-sook talk, it turns out it wasn't disappointment, but tears of joy that make her proud to have made such a big decision that changed her life for the better.


A jealous husband, a thriving wife, and everything in-between

The point to note, which occurs in every romance novel, is that while In-Ho began sleeping in a separate room, he didn't really give her wife the appreciation and attention she needed. It's quite surprising that after all this, he's still jealous of Jung-sook, who goes on a motorcycle ride with Roy Kim. Although the series is built on the foundation of shattering the patriarchy and making a statement, it can't help but bust a stereotype that highlights the fact that once a woman blossoms, she's also noticed by a man.

'Doctor Cha' is now exclusively available on Netflix. 

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 Netflix's 'Doctor Cha' Episode 4 Takeaway: Jung-sook befriends Roy Kim to make In-ho jealous