Netflix 'Upcoming Summer' Ending Explained: Love ALSO means how you let someone go

While 'Upcoming Summer' ends with two classmates following their passion in life, many what-could-have-been's were left unanswered

                            Netflix 'Upcoming Summer' Ending Explained: Love ALSO means how you let someone go
Wendy Zhang as Chen Chen and Leo Wu as Zheng Xing in 'Upcoming Summer' (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'Upcoming Summer'

The main two protagonists in 'Upcoming Summer' seem to have parted ways, leaving food for thought and leave us to ponder about what-could-have-been's, by the time the film ends. Netflix's new Chinese rom-com takes its time to shake things up (a little into the first half), builds up gradually, only to end in a way nobody saw coming. 

When two classmates, Chen Chen (Wendy Zhang) and Zheng Yu Xing (Leo Wu), befriend each other for the first time, they are totally unaware of how their lives would get entangled, and be affected by what started as an obligatory friendship turned "supposed" relationship. The two agree to play along and act as a couple; the breakup of their "relationship" being the reason as to why she messed up an important exam, and why he didn't show up for his. 

A still from 'Upcoming Summer' (Netflix)


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One of the most beautiful aspects of this film is that the audience is left yearning and rooting for the duo, right from the start of their acquaintance. With different takes and as scenes go by, we tend to feel like their fellow classmate, always supportive and wishing the best for them. 

Wendy Zhang and Leo Wu in 'Upcoming Summer' (Netflix)

Xing's passion for playing and creating music is something Chen Chen is greatly intrigued by. He tells her that he hopes to perform one day at 'Tomorrowland', Europe's biggest music festival. He also adds that he'll be known as 'DJ XYZ', emphasizing his initials.

Having said that, the ending is an ideal depiction of love in the real world. It's not always like it seems to be; not all sunshine and rainbows. Chen Chen and Zheng Xing part ways to follow their dreams and make something of their respective futures, as opposed to a classic rom-com ending with the couple, and their happily ever after. 

However, perhaps they each got their happy ending. Three years after school, Xing finally pursues his lifelong dream of creating music to become a professional DJ. And Chen Chen, well, she's still supportive as ever, his favorite cheerleader, making her way to a DJ XYZ concert!

Sometimes, love is letting go of the people that matter to you the most. And sometimes, it's learning new ways to remix your favorite songs. 

'Upcoming Summer' is currently streaming on Netflix.

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