'Breeders' Season 2 Full Cast List: Meet Martin Freeman, Daisy Haggard, George Wakeman and the rest of the stars from FX's parenting comedy

'Breeders' Season 2 Full Cast List: Meet Martin Freeman, Daisy Haggard, George Wakeman and the rest of the stars from FX's parenting comedy
Daisy Haggard and Martin Freeman star in 'Breeders' (Instagram@breedersfx)

'Breeders' Season 2 will see lead pair Paul (Martin Freeman) and Ally (Daisy Haggard) back to dealing with parental challenges in their unique and comical way. Their kids Ava and Luke now ten and thirteen are growing up fast and with their new independence comes the question, do Paul and Ally now have to change their way of parenting?

According to Deadline, manufacturing on Season 2 of the FX comedy has wrapped. Filming lasted 15 weeks, with a week hiatus because of Covid-19. Let’s meet the cast of this show with a hilarious take on parenthood.



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Martin Freeman as Paul

Freeman is not just the star but also the co-creator and executive producer of ‘Breeders’. Freeman, of course, prior to Breeders has had an impressive body of work on some of the most memorable TV shows and franchises. Whether it’s playing Dr John Watson on BBC’s contemporary adaptation of ‘Sherlock’ or Bilbo Baggins in The 'Hobbit' film trilogy or as Lester Nygaard in the dark comedy, crime drama series 'Fargo'. Fans, of course, will also remember Freeman's work from films such as 'Love Actually', 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and as Everett K Ross in the Marvel superhero films 'Captain America: Civil War' and 'Black Panther'. Freeman is known for his role as Tim Canterbury in 'The Office', a role which, he said, "cast a very long shadow" for him as an actor


Martin Freeman stars in 'Breeders' (Getty Images)

Daisy Haggard as Ally

Haggard is an actress and a writer whose best-known film roles include ' 'I Give It a Year' and 'Back to Life'. International audiences will recognize Haggard from her role on the Matt LeBlanc TV show 'Episodes' in 2011, where she portrayed the role of Myra Licht until the series ended in 2017.


Haggard made her acting debut on 'The Ruth Rendell Mysteries'. Interestingly, the episode was directed by her father, who never wanted her to become an actor. However, it was the producer of the series that insisted on letting her do an audition.

Daisy Haggard stars in 'Breeders' (Getty Images)

Jayda Eyles as Ava 

Lovely Jayda Eyles's character Ava is now all grown up on Season 2 of 'Breeders'. Now ten years old Ava, is discovering religion more deeply on 'Breeders' while brother Luke experiments with veganism, leading their mother to say she feels like they've become the Kardashians. Prior to her role on 'Breeders' Jayda had starred in ' A Confession' in 2019.


Jayda Eyles stars in 'Breeders' (FX Networks.com)

Who are the other stars ?

The other stars of 'Breeders' include Stella Gonet, Alun Armstrong, Joanna Bacon and Patrick Baladi.

'Breeders' was co-created by series star, Martin Freeman, alongside Chris Addison and Simon Blackwell. Simon Blackwell has also served as a writer on several episodes as well as showrunner and executive producer. Other executive producers on 'Breeders' other than Martin Freeman and Chris Addison include Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, David Martin, Jon Thoday, Toby Welch, and Michael Wiggs. Ben Palmer serves as co-executive producer.


The second season of 'Breeders' will premiere on March 22, 2021, on FX for US viewers and later in the year in May for Sky One viewers in the UK. You can watch the trailer below



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