Netflix 'Senior Year' Review: Rebel Wilson shines in nostalgia-filled, average comedy

Although Rebel Wilson tries really hard to make you love 'Senior Year', the script lets everyone down

                            Netflix 'Senior Year' Review: Rebel Wilson shines in nostalgia-filled, average comedy
Rebel Wilson as Stephaine Conway in 'Senior Year' (Netflix)

It has been 3 years that we haven’t seen Rebel Wilson in a movie. The actress decided to give some time to her health and took a break from the world of cinema. However, she has finally returned to grace our screens with her latest Netflix comedy movie ‘Senior Year’. The movie revolves around a high-school cheerleader named Stephanie Conway (Wilson) who is about to be crowned the prom queen.

However, an unfortunate accident sends her into a coma, and when she wakes she is already 37. She missed her high school and even if she has turned 37, she takes a decision that would change her life completely. Stephanie decides to complete her high school, graduate, and become the prom queen this time around. So, she is given a chance to graduate and she has only one thing in mind: to be famous again.


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It’s not like I didn’t want to love this movie, but the problem is that it doesn’t manage to keep the momentum that’s built by an amazing start. Yes, there are moments that will take viewers to the time when they were in high school and how girls used to call their best friends “bi***” or “s***” as terms of endearment. The movie feels like a rip-off of movies such as ‘Never Been Kissed’ or ‘Mean Girls’, and the only difference is that the aforementioned titles were really funny and had genuine heartfelt moments. ‘Senior Year’ does very hard to be funny, but it falls flat because of a ridiculous script.

Angourie Rice as young Stephanie Conway in 'Senior Year' (Netflix)


Rebel Wilson is undoubtedly the saving grace here. Since ‘Pitch Perfect’, Wilson has been a force to be reckoned with and in ‘Senior Year’, she gives another amazing performance. When the movie lets her be herself, it is genuinely funny. On the other hand, Sam Richardson, Mary Holland, Justin Hartley, and Chris Parnell have done their bit as well. But the movie never takes off when it comes to the screenplay, it is weak and never manages to keep you glued to your screens. Meanwhile, Alicia Silverstone can still make you weak in your knees.

The entire young cast of the movie is brilliant and really charming. Apart from the cast, there are some moments that are genuinely funny and you’ll believe that the movie might take off now, but it never does. Either way, the nostalgia in the movie is fun and makes it bearable. Wilson takes the movie to a whole new level with her performance. Other than that, it’s just poor writing.

Alicia Silverstone in 'Senior Year' (Netflix)




'Senior Year' is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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