15-year-old boy attends school leavers' ball in stunning pink dress and blonde wig, crowned prom queen by classmates

15-year-old boy attends school leavers' ball in stunning pink dress and blonde wig, crowned prom queen by classmates

A 15-year-old boy who had designed his own fabulous dress for prom was crowned Prom Queen by his supportive and encouraging classmates.

Xavier Parkins spent an exhausting six hours getting ready and did his own hair and makeup before heading to the leavers' party for pupils from the Lees Brook Community School.

The student who is from Derby, UK was seen sporting a short pink stunning strapless dress which featured a long train as well as a pair of matching pastel heels for the event which took place at the Pride Park Stadium, Derbyshire Live reported.

He had a ruffled look across the front of the short dress and posed for pictures while holding the train.

Xavier admitted that it was "scary" to dress in drag in front of his school year group for the first time but added that he felt absolutely "amazing" afterward.


Xavier's proud mother Sharnee Parkins said, "I'm totally humbled, I can't imagine where you get the courage at the age of 15 to do that. It is so brave."

Xavier Parkins looked stunning in a pale pink dress and was voted prom queen (Sharnee Parkins, Facebook)

She also went on to explain how Xavier had hoped to win the best-dressed award at the Leaver's event as it is not based on gender but was very very happy to be crowned the prom queen.

The mother-of-four also said that his classmates decided who would win the award and made Xavier's achievement that much more special.

"It was his peers who voted for him which is an accolade because it takes a lot of courage for them to come out and support it as well," Sharnee added. 

Xavier went to prom with a bunch of his friends on an Arriva bus and was seen posing with them outside the event.


His female friends also sported beautiful dresses for the event. Xavier had worked with a dressmaker to make sure that his pale pink gown was just perfect.  

Xavier Parkins was crowned prom queen by his classmates (Xavier Parkins, Facebook)

Sharnee had shared a video of Xavier strutting his stuff on Facebook while dressed in the pink outfit.

The teenager was seen confidently walking before turning around and flicking his long blonde hair. "He wants to be a Drag Queen but he's very academic too so he could do anything. He's got a very wise head on his shoulders," Sharnee shared.


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