Netflix 'Prime Time' Full Cast List: Meet Bartosz Bielenia and rest of the stars of Polish thriller

Netflix 'Prime Time' Full Cast List: Meet Bartosz Bielenia and rest of the stars of Polish thriller
'Prime Time' stars Bartosz Bielenia and Andrzej Klak (Netflix)

'Prime Time', which is set on the New Year's eve of 1999, shows the thrilling and chilling chain of events that occur when a disturbed young man Sebastian (Bartosz Bielenia) holds a TV studio hostage, in an attempt to deliver a message he considers crucial. His hostages held at gunpoint include a famous TV presenter and a security guard, but as the night wears on the hostages and their captor begin to bond in unexpected ways. 

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'Prime Time' stars Magdalena Poplawska and Bartosz Bielenia (Netflix)


Bartosz Bielenia as Sebastian

Bartosz Bielenia plays the role of Sebastian, a disturbed twenty-something-year-old man, who takes a TV studio hostage. However even as his attempts to take over the studio are thwarted at every turn, his hostages form an unlikely bond with Sebastian. Bielenia began his career as a stage actor and has gone on to be highly awarded for his acting abilities. In 2020, he received the Shooting Star Award for best young European actor and the European Film Award for best actor. Bielenia is known for his roles in films such as '25 Years of Innocence', The Case of Tomek Komenda', 'Corpus Christi' and 'Clergy'.


Bartosz Bielenia stars in 'Prime Time' (Photo by Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for European Shooting Stars)

Magdalena Poplawska as Mira Kryle
Magdalena Poplawska plays the role of Mira Kyle, a famous TV presenter who becomes one of Sebastian's hostages. Polish actor and writer Magdalena Poplawska is best known for her roles in films such as '53 Wars', where she plays the wife of a war correspondent whose life is taken over by anxiety. She is also known for her roles in films such as 'Between Two Wars' which focuses on child trafficking and the film 'Panic Attack' in which tragedy meets comedy in seven stories about how our entire world can collapse at any given moment.


Magdalena Poplowska stars in 'Prime Time' (IMDB)

Andrzej Klak as Gregory

Andrzej Klak stars as Gregory, the security guard who is also one of Sebastian's hostages. He is known for his roles in films such as 'The Art of Loving: Story of Michalina Wislocka', which follows the life of Michalina Wislocka, the most famous and recognized sexologist of communist Poland; 'Erotica 2022', which is a series of five stories on women's issues with an erotic element, and 'Silent Night'.


Andrzej Klak stars in 'Prime Time' (IMDB)

Who are the other stars?

'Prime Time' also stars Dobromir Dymecki and Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik.



'Prime Time' is directed by Jakub Piatek who has also written the film along with Lukasz Czapski. 'Prime Time' will stream on Netflix come June 30. You can catch the trailer here.


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