'Plagues of Breslau': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about Polish thriller on Netflix

'Plagues of Breslau': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about Polish thriller on Netflix
Andrzej Grabowski and Malgorzata Kozuchowska (IMDb)

Those tired of American thrillers, their tropes, and the cliches often find European-made thrillers much more satisfying. And Netflix continues to bring these deliciously dark flicks to audiences across the world. One of the titles that are soon going to be available on the streaming platform is ‘Plagi Breslau’, or ‘Plagues of Braslau’. While the name does sound a little ominous in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it looks as promising as any good thriller out there.


Release date:

While the Polish film had its theatrical release some time ago -- November 29, 2018 -- and will be available for streaming on Netflix April 22.


Per IMDB, the film follows a serial killer who commits murder every day at 6 pm. Police officer Helena Rus, who believes the killings are done by one man, attempts to uncover the killer's identity. But that involves deep-diving into the 18th-century history of the city.


Reviews of the film have called it an out-and-out blood-spattered serial killer thriller, but not in a bad way. The film has been praised for being enjoyably pulp in its aesthetics and plot, making it a perfect film for thriller aficionados. 


Malgorzata Kozuchowska as Helena Rus

Malgorzata Kozuchowska. (IMDb)

The 49-year-old Polish actor is known for her roles in films like ‘Kiler’, ‘Bad Boy’, ‘Motyw’, and for her recurring role as Natalia Boska in the TV series ‘Rodzinka.pl’. 

Daria Widawska as Magda Drewniak vel Iwona Bogacka

Daria Widawska. (IMDb)

This 43-year-old Polish actor came to prominence with her role in the TV miniseries ‘Twarze i maski’. She’s been a staple of Polish television, with roles in shows like ‘Magda M.’, ‘Mamuski’, ‘39 i pól’, ‘True Law’ and more. 

Katarzyna Bujakiewicz as Nastka

Katarzyna Bujakiewicz. (IMDb)

The 48-year-old Polish actor found fame in the early-’90s with her role in the TV series ‘Mama-nic’. She has since played memorable roles in shows like ‘Magda M.’, ‘Lekarze’, ‘Maly Grand Hotel’, and ‘Na dobre i na zle’. She’s also played roles in films like ‘Planeta Singli’, ‘Kolekcja sukienek’, and ‘Letters to Santa 2’.


The following is the polish language trailer for 'Plagues of Breslau’:



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